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Ie Naki Ko [1994]

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Ie Naki Ko | 家なき子 1994

Title: Ie Naki Ko | Child Without a Home | 家なき子

Genre: drama

Episodes: 12

Broadcast: from 1994-Apr-16 to 1994-Jul-02

Cast: Adachi Yumi, Koyanagi Rumiko, Hosaka Naoki, Mizuno Maki

Video: VHS-rip

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  • Anonymous 25-06-2017 16:48

    i cant find english subtitles for this drama, can anyone tell me where to download it

  • adi 08-10-2012 19:38

    hi same as above, kindly please re-upload this dorama..

    Thank you! :))

  • LX 25-05-2012 11:14

    Can any 1 re-upload this?the links are not working..Many thanks :)

  • Yuk 10-02-2012 19:17

    Is it possible just to have the link? Multiupload isn't working anymore.. :(

  • Zemus 14-09-2011 02:32

    I see. Me neither. Wonder how the quality of that Clubbox mpg raw is like. I have a few episodes of season 2. They are avi format 480x360. Lower resolution but quality wise better than season 1.

    Tomorrow I will download an episode from Clubbox to compare.

  • xaxa 14-09-2011 01:03

    Yeah, that's one of the reasons why im running this site - to be able to back-up and store files, which will never fit to my tiny HDD))

    Yes, season 2 is from clubbox. But I have to admit I haven't downloaded it yet - too much other stuff to handle ^^;

  • Zemus 13-09-2011 22:43

    Sorry for late reply. No, I'm completely OK with it. Your blog is a wonderful source for back-up purposes. Once the torrents die down I can always refer leechers here instead. Yeah, a shame about ep02. Others were fine though.

    So, you have season 2? Is it the mpg files found on Clubbox?

  • Nako 02-09-2011 21:00

    Thanks for uploading this. I've been looking for this drama for 10 years

  • xaxa 02-09-2011 14:35

    I'll try to upload it later.

  • Nako 02-09-2011 12:36

    Do you have season 2?

  • xaxa 20-08-2011 19:33


  • anonim 20-08-2011 17:14

    do you have english sub for this? really2 thanks for the uploads

  • xaxa 17-08-2011 15:56

    haha, yep)) got it from kmc, thanks a lot as usual. I hope you don't mind.

    started to watch it, because the plot sounded interesting and found out that the 2nd episode is corrupt in the middle((

  • Zemus 17-08-2011 15:15

    Wow, you were quite fast to re-post this! Still in progress of uploading at D-A.