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Himitsu no Kankei: Sensei wa Doukyonin | ヒミツの関係〜先生は同居人〜 [2010]

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Himitsu no Kankei: Sensei wa Doukyonin | ヒミツの関係〜先生は同居人〜 (2010)

Genre: romance, comedy, mobile phone drama

Episodes: 13 (~10 min each)

Broadcast period: from 2010-Jul-1 to 2010-Sep-23

Cast: Kotaro Koizumi, Saki Fukuda, Eriko Sato, Akiyoshi Nakao, Sei Hiraizumi

Video: DVDrip

Another Bee TV drama.

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Thanks to jdraclct for the links!

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  • Monette 11-02-2020 16:15

    I love to download this drama

  • jdraclct 06-04-2018 22:04

    Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • polo 06-04-2018 11:43

    ican i watch it here??

  • Pablo 17-12-2016 22:56

    Hi, Do you think it would be possible to reshared the links?

  • QueenAin 17-02-2013 18:14

    hi! at last i'd found the link but its dead me. i reaaly wanna watch this. do you know where else i can find this drama with endlish sub. thanks :)

  • kn 04-05-2012 03:13


  • xaxa 09-12-2011 14:11

    Thanks saigo_x!

    Yeah, the link breaks, but I think it's because of the redirect plugin, it renders incorrectly those tilde in the url. Oh well, changed the link to other source.

  • saigo_x 09-12-2011 09:08

    The "More info" link breaks because of the tilde (~) character in the url. Try this one: