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Hanako to Anne | 花子とアン [2014]

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Hanako to Anne | 花子とアン (2014)

Genre: Asadora drama, human drama

Episodes: 156 (~15 min each)

Broadcast period: 2014-Mar-31 to 2014-Sep-27

Cast: Yoshitaka Yuriko, Nakama Yukie, Tomosaka Rie

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Video: Various encodings of NGB/DoA files.

Upload status: 26 weeks (full).

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  • Beck 26-09-2018 08:17

    Hi! I'm trying to watch this but it seems like the link directs to "this page is not found" for english sub. Is there anyway that I can watch it?

  • Mohammad Wanj Lee 13-01-2018 18:42

    Arigato gozaïmass

  • xaxa 27-07-2017 01:25

    a tutorial is here

  • Gilbert 26-07-2017 23:09

    Hello, how can I watch the episodes of hanako to anne? I am new to this page. Thank you, Gilb

  • Erick Grau 04-02-2017 21:51

    Thanks for checking

  • xaxa 02-02-2017 13:32

    I don't have it

  • Erick Grau 02-02-2017 03:16

    Thank you so much!!!

    Any chance you have Watashi no Aozora to upload anywhere?


  • Anonymous 12-07-2016 05:54

    hi.. why is it when i am downloading the videos then suddenly it stops and appear a notification telling me that i cant continue my download because of overquota in my IP address?

    plese help

    thank you

  • Moataz Seada 16-04-2015 04:29

    My last comment in this great site was about 3 years ago, and I am still amazed by the fact that you have kept the great efforts up all these years. I had hard time finding "raredoramas" among hundreds of bookmarks, and I'm very happy I'm back.

    My first donation should be to this site, which gave me the treasure " Hikari to tomo ni" in DVD quality.

    Thank you sincerely a lot.

  • tarou 12-11-2014 14:52

    Bride of asaichi of spin-off Thank you for your consideration

  • Iwao 09-11-2014 13:10

    It appears Ep97 has the same audio problem that Ep84 had. Could someone please provide a fixed file of Ep97?

    Thank you very much

  • nata 06-10-2014 00:06

    Thank you very much

  • erica 04-10-2014 19:51

    thank you very much!

  • dhlt25 26-09-2014 01:22

    thank you very much

  • keiko 29-08-2014 02:33

    Thank you for week 19 and 20. :)

  • dhisashi 15-08-2014 22:22

    Tails from Australia has now taken up subbing this. Subs are completed now through week 4 at:


  • Otskure 10-08-2014 11:11

    awesome work, thanks so much for this!

  • xaxa 30-07-2014 23:31

    thanks a lot. I'll try to convert it, but not sure since my converting program works only on mkv.

  • dhisashi 30-07-2014 21:31

    I uploaded episode 84 of the 1280x720 with fixed sound. It is an mp4 file and not mkv.

    You can find it at:!zUg0nS7a!dnVpHRKLVPhf4Ia7Kn9dGg


  • ChatChan 23-07-2014 08:43

    Thank you so much. I can watch rerun with this after missing most of episodes (due to work). ^^

  • Musashi 18-07-2014 12:19

    Thank you very much for sharing this current asadora!

    By the way, the sound isn't working for the 1280x720 episode 84. I realize you are not the encoder, but I'm hoping that somehow a fixed file will become available sometime in the future.

  • xaxa 12-07-2014 20:12


  • Sky 12-07-2014 18:15

    Hi XaXa

    Do you have the Chinese soft-subs for this series, I can't find it anywhere.

  • keiko1981 26-06-2014 22:22

    Okay, thanks for letting us know.

  • xaxa 26-06-2014 12:55

    the releases are every saturday/sunday.

  • keiko1981 26-06-2014 01:05

    Revisiting and seeing that week 9-12 is out, thank you! :)

  • Aya 30-05-2014 14:01

    Thank you so much ^^

  • dhisashi 11-05-2014 19:19

    Thank you. This looks like it could be a very good one.

  • Keiko1981 03-05-2014 08:57

    Thank you for week 3! (^_^)/

  • MAKOTO 28-04-2014 16:21

    Thanks for your sharing!!

    I'm looking forward to the 4th week of "Hanako to Anne"!

  • Rus 24-04-2014 00:30

    Thanks for posting. I really was looking forward to seeing this one.

  • wf 23-04-2014 17:12

    Thank you for sharing this latest asadora!

  • SKY 21-04-2014 18:24

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Keiko1981 20-04-2014 22:48

    Thank you very much xaxa! :)