Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • Breadcrumbs 11-11-2016 08:08

    Thanks for this one also xaxa

  • ccfarmer 13-08-2016 00:45

    My bad, it's Homura Tatsu not Hana no Ran:

    Anyone know about Ryukyu no Kaze?

  • ccfarmer 13-08-2016 00:40

    You find Hana no Ran at:

  • xaxa 10-07-2016 21:29

    no, sorry

  • tribute 10-07-2016 16:38

    Hey xaxa! Any idea where to find the first 2 parts of this taiga? I'll definitely download this one, thank you!

  • dhisashi 18-10-2014 00:45

    I have a Seed Request at FSS for this series. If anybody can Seed the three torrents at FSS I would be much obliged.

  • firdaus 20-06-2012 20:07

    i'm wish download