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Gochisousan | ごちそうさん [2013]

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Gochisousan | ごちそうさん (2013)

Genre: drama, asadora

Episodes: ~150 (~15 min each)

Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-30 to 2014-Mar-29

Cast: Anne

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Video: Various encodings from NGB files.

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  • frank 22-08-2017 08:05

    muchas gracias por compartí los enlaces

  • alfahime 02-02-2017 06:38

    taking this file

    thank you very much

  • Rain 22-09-2015 05:06

    Thank you so much for uploading this. I have so much fun watching this asadora ^^

  • xaxa 21-02-2015 15:28

    probably not

  • Anonymous 21-02-2015 10:14

    hi are there subs for the gochisousan spin off/SP episode? thank you!

  • Adam 24-01-2015 22:48

    Excellent, thanks.

  • xaxa 24-01-2015 21:03


  • Adam 24-01-2015 16:26

    Does anyone have a link to the Japanese Subs? The one on the page isn't working.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Patrick 08-01-2015 17:50

    i kindly request if anyone had the backup link for the subtitles, please? i cant access d addict, said it currently offline.

    oh, and i found the link for the special episode:

  • xaxa 10-06-2014 17:58

    wait or download from d-addicts

  • Andrey 10-06-2014 17:22

    Message in Mega: "Temporary error, retrying."

    It's impossible to download.

  • Kazy 30-04-2014 03:09

    Here is the link for preview.

  • Kazy 30-04-2014 03:07

    It was on BS Premium. "Gochisousantte iwashitai".

    I wonder this will be aired on regular NHK channel...?

  • xaxa 29-04-2014 21:54

    never heard of a special. what does it called?

  • Kazy 29-04-2014 10:05

    Is there any chance you had recorded spin off special which was aired on 4/19th? I would love to see it. Thank you for hard work and uploading this for us.

  • Zemus 28-04-2014 17:08

    It's complete at 25 weeks (150 episodes).

  • Jessica 28-04-2014 16:37

    Hi, just wondering is there a week 26 for this drama? Or it's just you still have not uploaded it?

    Thanks a lot for sharing dramas on your website. Ever since I finished watching Teppan, I've been hooked onto asadoras. (^^)

  • xaxa 23-04-2014 23:19


    so they will be deleted regardless. not a best option for backup unfortunately.

  • saigo_x 23-04-2014 21:38


    The retention time is the estimated time before a file is deleted from storage on Usenet servers. I used to use Usenet in my early years at D-Addicts back when ap and Musicman uploaded to alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese and alt.binaries.multimedia.japanese.repost.

  • xaxa 23-04-2014 10:50


    thank you very much for explanation. I'll think about it as a backup and additional download option for those who uses Usenet.

    what about retention time? it says 2000+ days. does it mean that after this time passes the files will be obligatory deleted or could they be somehow prolonged?

    and please recommend me some good newsgroups.

  • dora 23-04-2014 09:06

    Sorry I didn't actually answer your questions... it works like this: you subscribe to a Usenet service. You can then anonymously upload content. Your service is tied into the global NNTP network (aka Usenet). There are 1000s of individual servers around the world. The one to which you just uploaded your content will propagate it to others, they will pass it on etc. Soon it will be available via all Usenet access points, ie the services to which a user who wants to download must subscribe. The content is categorised by "newsgroups", ie by subject matter. The whole thing started out in the 1980s as text-only bulletin boards. Then when bandwidth became cheap, a whole lot of "bin." ie binary newsgroups started appearing, which now account for pretty much all Usenet traffic. More info here:

  • dora 23-04-2014 08:55


    Yes pretty much all Usenet services cost money these days - $5 to $10/month is about the going rate. You get access to a huge amount of stuff though, not limited to particular files. If you look at Usenet index sites like for example or, you can find 90%+ of whatever you're looking for - I've found tons and tons of films, TV series, lots of Japanese stuff included. It's a distributed network so there's no single point of failure like with mega. BTW I'm not affiliated with any of the services, I just like it as a distribution method. But I guess at the end of the day it's not really that important, the key thing is to have people like you out there who actually make the content available! Thanks again.

  • xaxa 22-04-2014 12:44


    I've heard about Usenet when the Megaupload was shut down, but never got to use it, so I'm not very familiar with it. As far as I know, every user will need to pay ~10$/month ta access the files? Then I guess that's not an option. Or is it just 1 account for me to store the files? In that case it's not very convenient too.

  • dora 22-04-2014 07:42


    Terrific work getting these uploaded to mega - thank you very much!

    I read your comment about your wish for more independent copies - how about uploading them to Usenet? That way they'll be propagated and accessible via all binary news hosts (admittedly there's usually a subscription fee eg giganews or astraweb but it's small and Usenet is a fairly reliable distribution mechanism).

  • HKA 07-04-2014 17:48

    Working now (Monday AM EST). Thank you!

  • HKA 06-04-2014 20:21

    Thank you so much for this. It is greatly appreciated.

    A quick request: Could you look into in the G720 folder for weeks 24-25? I've been trying for 2-3 days now, but the download fails with what looks like a server error. I've tried different browsers and even the Megadownload application, and all fail right at the beginning with an error.

    Everything else in G720 works fine.

    Thanks, again.

  • sky 06-04-2014 09:19

    Hi Xaxa, thank you for sharing this wonderful asadora, would

    like to know whether you will also sharing the upcoming asadora ie. Hanako and Anne 花子とアン starring Yuriko Yoshitaka?

  • keiko1981 29-03-2014 21:19

    As always, thank you very much! (^_^)/

  • xaxa 21-03-2014 13:43


    I will probably upload weeks 23-24 on the weekends.

  • Daniel 21-03-2014 13:32

    Xaxa thank you for the great contribution! when can we expect the next episodes?

  • JD 10-03-2014 01:50

    Dear XAXA!

    I am really moved, you are the great man indeed!!!

    You have no idea, how happy your words here made me!

    Life is not so bad if people like you are still around...

    Lots of love!!!

  • xaxa 09-03-2014 02:19

    anonymous supporter,

    thank you very much for your support and letting me know, but I really don't mind those things. I'm not doing it for fame or donations (those are almost nonexistent anyways)). I share dramas to spread love and let people access to them, so if someone reposts them elsewhere, it is actually a good thing and I am pretty happy with it. it would be better if they created their own new links, so there is more independant copies, but oh well, activists and helpers are pretty rare, so I'm not expecting much))

  • anonymous supporter 08-03-2014 00:43

    Dear Xaxa, some korean jdorama cafe members are taking advantage of your hard work.

    I am not sure if you can see this link without sign in or not, but it is exact translation of this posting with all the link(including mega links for all 3 versions) except mentioning of any donation(they are only freeloaders anyway) and need for visiting this/your site.

    I am just one of your restoration supporter and thankful to your hard work on classics.

    So just wanna let you know your hard work is stolen for nothing and I am seek of those freeloaders pretending others hard work as theirs.

    Thanks as always on your oldies and goodies.

  • dhisashi 02-03-2014 23:18


    Tails has picked up the English subs. As of today he is up to Week 6.

  • Anonymous 20-02-2014 18:10

    i figured out you have to edit the subtitles and shift them backwards 32 seconds to make them synch with this version of gochisousan. not too bad!

  • xaxa 20-02-2014 12:17

    I dunno.

  • Anonymous 18-02-2014 05:35

    what version of this drama is timed and synched with these subtitles?ごちそうさん

  • xaxa 29-12-2013 17:15

    soredemo is not rare and search works.

  • izzah 29-12-2013 16:08

    cute blog! do you have soredemo ikite yuku?

    your search box seem to not work

  • xaxa 07-11-2013 02:42

    are you sure you copied the links correctly? works perfectly fine for me.

  • dhisashi 07-11-2013 02:38

    Mega says the files are no longer available. That is for the 480p size.

  • dhisashi 01-11-2013 19:41

    Thanks for the smaller sizes. I will be downloading the 848x480 from mega.