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Dare ni mo Ienai | 誰にも言えない [1993]

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Dare ni mo Ienai | 誰にも言えない 1993

Title in English: The Secret

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: from 1993-Jul-19 to 1993-Sep-17

Cast: Kaku Chikako, Sano Shiro, Haba Yuichi, Nogiwa Yoko

Video quality: 350MB, 640x480, DivX

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  • Anonymous 08-06-2015 14:05

    too bad... :( anyway, thanks saigo_x

  • saigo_x 08-06-2015 06:06


    Sorry but there are no subtitles for Dare ni mo Ienai. I know that there were tv captures from KIKU-TV with English subtitles, but they were never shared publibcly.

  • Anonymous 07-06-2015 15:01

    i've been looking everywhere, but i can't find the subs for this. (;__;) @saigo_x, do you know where to get the subs for this?

  • happyme 06-06-2014 20:12


  • saigo_x 06-06-2014 18:35


    You need to remove the space in the link (and add the 'h' at the beginning if you copy the whole link).

  • xaxa 06-06-2014 17:40


  • happyme 06-06-2014 07:36

    The link is dead??

  • keiko1981 04-11-2012 16:18

    Thank you saigo_x and xaxa. :)

  • saigo_x 03-11-2012 04:11

    I've begun reuploading to Mediafire: