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Bokura no Yuuki | ぼくらの勇気 (1997)

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Bokura no Yuuki | ぼくらの勇気 (1997)

Title in English: Our Courage / Keys to the City - The Kids are in Charge

Genre: drama, sci-fi

Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: 1997-Oct-18 to 1997-Dec-20

Cast: Domoto Tsuyoshi, Domoto Koichi, Matsumoto Jun, Aiba Masaki

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Video: 720x540, avi.

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  • Nanako 06-07-2017 21:19

    Thank You :)!

  • Ama 19-06-2017 23:07

    Thank you!

  • Ren 26-05-2017 08:45

    Thank you so much for this !

    Need to re-watch this drama so I can catch up with the 20th year SP later.

  • kurara 14-05-2017 09:49

    thank you so much!!!!!

  • sisissi 01-02-2017 05:40

    thank you so much

  • Anon 04-01-2017 08:14

    Thank you so much for this drama!

  • Anonymous 25-10-2015 07:47

    I remember this being on ktsf sanfrancisco. One of the first daramas I ever sat down to as a kid. Thx raredoramas!!!!!!!

  • saigo_x 04-09-2015 06:27

    Here are the subtitles I found.

    Bokura-no-Yuuki-~Miman-Toshi~.rar 125 KB (combine this with the ash link below)


  • saigo_x 03-09-2015 20:22

    I could have sworn I had this series but I cannot find it in my collection. I do have a RAR of the subtitles but have no clue what version they are. Episode 4 is definately not the same v3 that's available on D-addicts. I'll upload it later.

  • xaxa 03-09-2015 13:23

    hardsub can be found here (need registration)

  • Anonymous 03-09-2015 04:11

    Ii looks like Eternal Fansub released eng subs for this. It seems they released both hard and softsubs, but I can no longer find the softsubs save for ep 4.