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Beginner | ビギナー [2003]

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Beginner | ビギナー 2003

Genre: law drama

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: 2003-Oct-06 to 2003-Dec-15

Cast: Mimura, Odagiri Joe, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Matsuyuki Yasuko

Video: DVDrip (avi, 688x480) with Japanese subtitles and bonuses .

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  • Anonymous 28-10-2015 19:08


    Omg, it works, only if I download it with Google Chrome.

    Guess my Mozilla is freaking crazy, lol...

    but thank you for your concern, btw. (.^____^.)v

  • Anonymous 28-10-2015 18:01


    everytime I click "skip ad", the ad fly page is unresponsive and don't want to go to the download link. (T_T)

  • saigo_x 26-10-2015 19:11


    Works for me. What problem are you having exactly?

  • Anonymous 26-10-2015 15:09

    why can't I download this? (T_T)

  • xaxa 27-07-2015 11:38

    the first link I tried, worked. I see no problem. See the instruction in the "Download" section.

  • Ice 27-07-2015 06:01

    Can't be downloaded now....please reupload, thanks a lot!

  • saigo_x 22-08-2014 01:18

    Reuploaded to Mega. As always please let me know of any problems.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous 19-06-2014 17:03

    Please seed!!!

    Please please please!!!

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