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[Attention!] English Subtitles

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It looks like, a site where majority of English subtitles for dramas were stored, underwent big changes and now subtitles are visible only for registered members.

Discussion on d-addicts

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All links to subtitles have changed so links in posts here don't match those at d-addicts, so you must search for them on subtitles forum yourself now, unfortunately.

You may also try finding subtitles at this backup page.

I might fix the links to subtitles in the posts here later, once their fate be more clearer.

If anyone has more knowledge on situation and/or has anything to say, please leave a comment here.

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  • Jenni 06-11-2018 19:47


    what do you mean? the subtitles are available on wiki addicts, what do you need more?

  • lotus 19-10-2018 14:15

    can you give the eng sub files to me

  • kawada_kun 18-10-2018 15:11

    No problem. You may use it.

  • xaxa 18-10-2018 14:51


    thank you for the link!

    can I use it in the post, or should I re-upload the files to my account?

  • kawada_kun 18-10-2018 13:04

    Hi xaxa. Check this VHSRip of With Love (1998). It's of variable quality and the 11th episode is hardsubbed in Chinese but still it's better than nothing so I thought it might be suitable for your site.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot for the link!

  • mango 06-10-2018 03:35

    Ruroshin had announced that the subs forum would be closing down, so many of us gathered and made efforts to try and save as many subs as possible (i.e., the spreadsheet you linked). But just before the shutdown date he rescinded.

  • Marchela 04-10-2018 18:40

    Please, upload this serie: 女殺し屋 花笠お竜 (1969)

  • Pyro 29-09-2018 16:36

    I've signed with them awhile back to get English subs for several Taiga series, never had a problem, no spam etc.

    Also you can use their series map to quickly check if the have what your looking for.

  • vane 28-09-2018 22:05

    Sars fansub have a chat room you can get more info there

    About other things would it be possible to find Ginrou Kaiki File? I can only found 5 episodes and sp