Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • rud 26-03-2016 04:02

    Wait a second, LOL at that person for asking for "more" -- have they SEEN the show?

    Spoilers: pastebin dot com/jwt8F6rf

  • rud 26-03-2016 03:57

    Thanks so much, I love Sawada Kenji! IDK if you guys made the torrent version of this but I'm keeping it seeded, and I've backed up these files on my Mega, too - priceless upload.

  • xaxa 01-03-2016 20:37

    all episodes are in those 6 archives

  • anonymous 29-02-2016 18:26

    More, please.

  • mmma 07-12-2011 18:58

    i love it