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Ai wa Douda | 愛はどうだ (1992)

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Ai wa Douda | 愛はどうだ (1992)

Title in English: What About Love

Genre: drama, romance

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: 1992-Apr-17 to 1992-Jun-26

Cast: Ogata Ken, Shimizu Misa, Tsumiki Miho, Shibuya Kotono

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Video: 714x480, mp4.

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  • RetroHelix 27-03-2015 17:16

    Right, thats what I'm doing now. Was a bit difficult to find the settings in MPC.

  • xaxa 27-03-2015 01:03

    yeah, it needs reencoding to deinterlace or just deinterlace it directly in your player (for example in VLC).

  • RetroHelix 26-03-2015 20:44

    The videoquality is very good compared to the existing tv rips (with subs). Too bad its interlaced. But thank you very, very much anyway! Looks like there is a new transcribing job opening.

  • Anonymous 26-03-2015 04:26

    I love J-drama 70's-90's. Thank you so much ^^

    I hope to see Japanese drama 70s.^^