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Agri | あぐり [1997]

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Agri | あぐり 1997

Genre: drama, asadora

Episodes: 156 x 15 minutes

Broadcast period: from 1997-Apr-07 to 1997-Oct-04

Cast: Tanaka Misato, Nomura Mansai, Satomi Kotaro

Video: DVDrip (avi, divX, 720x544)

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  • Abarenbo 09-06-2014 11:35

    Great! Thank you much.

  • xaxa 08-06-2014 13:09


  • Abarenbo 08-06-2014 04:15

    Hi Xaxa, the links to files and have been giving a "Temporary error, retrying" message for a few months now. When you have a chance could you please reup?

    Thanks always for the asadoras and the classics.

  • dhisashi 09-07-2013 17:43

    xaxa | 2013-07-07 в 17:05:14
    Thank you very much for donation, dhisashi.

    You are welcome.

  • xaxa 07-07-2013 17:05

    Thank you very much for donation, dhisashi.

  • xaxa 06-07-2013 21:44

    yep, there are no English subtitles, it was translated into Russian directly from Japanese.

  • dhisashi 06-07-2013 20:54

    I guess there are only Russian subs at RuTracker.

  • dhisashi 06-07-2013 20:53

    I cannot find the subs. Hopefully English subs.

  • dhisashi 06-07-2013 19:40

    Thank you for this Asadora.