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Abunai Deka | 危ない刑事 [1986]

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Abunai Deka | 危ない刑事 (1986)

Title in English: Dangerous Cops / Dangerous Detectives

Genre: action, comedy

Episodes: 51

Broadcast period: 1986-Oct-5 to 1987-Sept27

Cast: Tachi Hiroshi, Shibata Kyohei, Nakamura Toru, Asano Atsuko

Video: DVDrip, 640x480, mp4, ~350 Mb per episode.

Unfortunately 7th and 10th DVDs were corrupted so episodes 27-31 and 44-47 are of different, but also good quality (DVDrip, 640x480, mkv, ~600 Mb per episode).

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  • shinichi 20-01-2018 17:57

    Any chance get english subs for these.

  • Ryo 27-06-2014 11:31

    Thanks for uploading this great series. I like it very much.

  • Zemus 16-06-2014 01:53

    Thank you for your great efforts, xaxa. Complete series. Very well done and much appreciated!

  • Zemus 02-04-2014 13:47

    Huge thanks for the new episodes!

  • Zemus 27-03-2014 22:09

    xaxa, no worries. Looking forward to the remaining episodes of the original Abunai Deka.

  • xaxa 09-03-2014 02:04


    no I don't have them.

  • Zemus 07-03-2014 13:14

    Thanks again for these xaxa. Just out of curiosity, did you get your hands on the Motto Abunai Deka volumes as well?

  • M. Edward Nauli 05-03-2014 11:20

    Thanks.:) , I can't wait to see the rest of abunai deka (Japan Miami Vice), for me abunai deka is the best action/crime series.:)

  • saigo_x 05-03-2014 08:37

    @M. Edward Nauli

    JPDDL is a site that downloads torrents and reuploads them for direct download using an automated process. The files were most likely downloaded from the torrent on D-Addicts.

  • M. Edward Nauli 05-03-2014 04:54

    Thanks ,I see more link Abunai Deka 1 - 26 in JPDDL.COM are you upload them too?

  • xaxa 04-03-2014 19:57

    probably incomplete download. works fine for me. try to redownload archive. ot download from torrent.

  • M. Edward Nauli 04-03-2014 18:43

    Only Abunai Deka 14.mp4 the file is corrupt, its cannot be extracted but the rest of episodes is fine, please reupload again, Thanks.:)

  • Anonymous 22-02-2014 11:52

    I love it

  • xaxa 20-02-2014 12:16

    there were no subtitles in dvds.

  • Anonymous 20-02-2014 05:06

    can you rip the japanese subtitles too??

  • Anonymous 14-02-2014 09:51

    Thank you so much, this is classic stuff!

  • annie 12-02-2014 18:56

    Thank you very much!!

  • Zemus 11-02-2014 18:49

    You are the best. Can't thank you enough for these!