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Rare and old doramas restoration project

A temporary solution...

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Here is a temporary (?) "solution":

I've created an account at Rapidshare and opened this folder to everyone. And reuploaded a couple of dramas there.

And you can do the same - freely download and upload anything you want there! Of course it's not necessary to upload in that folder if you have your own Rapidshare account or any other DDL site account. You can reupload dramas somewhere else and send the links to me if you want.

As I mentioned earlier, Rapidshare is probably the only option for direct download sites right now.


1. Unlimited storage capacity and file sizes even for free users.

2. Downloading with Jdownloader from it is always very fast and without waiting (premium download).

3. They are from Europe and their servers too, so the chances that they won't be swayed by Megaupload incident are higher.


1. Free user's files are deleted after 30 days of inactivity (but they send you notifications about those files and you can probably prolong it by downloading them yourself)

2. Even though Rapidshare is more stable than most of the DDL sites nowadays, there is still no guarantee that they won't shut down tomorrow or change their policy or delete all your files without warning, so upload at your own risk...

But my main ideas about the future of RareDoramas are:

1. Create or move to a private torrent tracker.

2. Forget about previous uploads and live like nothing happened - continue uploading new dramas to any available DDL site and don't bother about their life span.

3. Forget about RareDoramas and live like it never existed))

What do you think about these options? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll!

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  • Larissa 16-02-2012 15:26

    I just found this website... Please, please, don't shut it down!

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that eventually will find this marvelous treasure here...

    It is like a dream comming true - to be able to watch all of these old doramas!

    I'll do whatever I can - I'll start downloading and keeping the files, and sharing whenever they're needed.

    I just think that a lot of hardwork was put into this, to shut it just because of these goddamn stupid laws.

    Sorry for the bad english, I'm french.

    And thank you for all these files!

  • Maido Osawagase Shimasu Season 1 not complete 09-02-2012 02:44

    Currently the only version is the multiupload version and it needs three parts. Can somebody upload Ep12 to complete the series that downloaded it on megaupload earlier this month, because currently this drama isn't complete without Ep12.

  • saigo_x 06-02-2012 07:31

    Episode 12 of Maido Osawagase Shimasu Season 1 on Multiupload only has two parts as far as I can tell. That episode was replaced with the 640x480 XviD version provided by Zemus so I'm not sure how many parts the original upload had though.

  • Maido Osawagase Shimasu 06-02-2012 07:03

    Maido Osawagase Shimasu Season 1-Not complete-Ep12 still needs part3. Can somebody upload Ep12 Part 3 to complete the series.

  • xaxa 04-02-2012 16:50


    thanks a lot for your contribution!

    to all,

    I've made a request/drama list post, so now everything is up to you, guys))

  • MetalKaiser 04-02-2012 15:01

    Yeah, as I said I'm re-uploading most of the dramas I downloaded from here, which are historical, detective, mystery, etc. I'm also uploading dramas that are announced here but I downloaded from anywhere (d-addicts, etc.) after megaupload was closed.

    Unfortunately, I had some problems while uploading some files, so if you find they are corrupted (or if they are gone after 30 days of not being used) just write anywhere. Regarding this, I suggest Xaxa to open a new post where people can make "seed requests" for broken episodes.

    Since space in the shared folder is unlimited I am uploading everything without checking if it survived in multiupload or not, because it is less work (I leave the task of making the list to the others). By the way, the list should include the servers in which the dramas are uploaded in order to improve the replication of those which are "weak".

    I think that replication is the only thing that can save us from new disasters, so if you know good places to upload apart from RS, you should discuss and use them too. Remember this solution of RS should be TEMPORARY.

    By the way, does anybody have the last piece of "Tonbo" Special? It seems the only part of the whole series which is missing. You can also upload the whole episode to the shared folder.

  • eslang 04-02-2012 11:40


    The films (Yamaguchi Momoe) and Night Head (ep.10-21) links are ready for download at ADrive and the RAR file that is uploaded in your rapidshare folder contains all the necessary links information.

    As you've already uploaded 29sai no christmas, there is no need to duplicate the effort to upload them at ADrive, imo.

    That's all from me. All the best!^^

  • saigo_x 03-02-2012 22:45

    @xaxa: Oh, I didn't mean that you specifically should do it. I was hoping we could do it collectively...

    Using the drama list from this site I count 190 different series, some with mutliple uploads. I honestly didn't think it was that many. I uploaded about 13 of them (only partially in a few cases) and I still have those files. I also finally finished downloading Coach(1996), however it is the version from the D-Addicts torrent which appears to have 2 corrupted files. Unfortunately it looks like the fixed versions you uploaded here are gone. If anyone has the reuploaded episode 12 and the special for Coach(1996) please let me know.

    Maybe people can start going down the list of uploads and let us know the status. I'll check mine sometime today when I have more time. Maybe you can create a "links status" thread. Then people can post the status of download links for any series they might be interested in. Something like "Video Girl AI: all links dead", "Tsumetai Tsuki: Filserve links working", "Coach(1996): Wupload links working", etc.

  • imagawayaki 03-02-2012 19:18

    Yes, the re-uploads are much appreciated! I see Gokenin has been re-upped -- Arigatou!!

  • xaxa 03-02-2012 16:16

    Sorry, saigo_x, I just don't have time for searching survived dramas and making a list. As I said it's safe to assume that almost ALL dramas are dead here, except very few. But there are already a bunch of dramas being reuploaded to that Rapidshare folder to which I've put a link in this post. And as already being said, there are other places with survived dramas. It would be nice, if someone makes this list, but I guess dramas could be reuploaded without it too - just check if the links are dead here prior uploading.

    Thanks to all, who is reuploading dramas! I (and I'm sure everyone else too) really appreciate it!


    hm, first time hearing about it ^^; considering what I've read so far, there needs to be a generous person, who would allow to store all dramas on his PC? or am I wrong?

  • anon 02-02-2012 10:43

    how about usenet?

  • saigo_x 02-02-2012 09:18

    Hmm, it looks like some of the old Filserve links are coming back online. Unfortunately some of the Multiupload uploads did not include Fileserve links. And of course all my uploads were to Megaupload hehe. I'm gonna focus on trying to download and archive some of xaxa's uploads before they dissappear again. I'm currently working on downloading Coach(1996) from the Wupload links on JPDDL. So slow though...I miss MU...

  • eslang 02-02-2012 07:31


    The upload traffic or speed to Rapidshare is terribly slow at my end.

    Going to upload the remaining files to ADrive and put them in a share folder, but it has 14 days limit. Shall keep you posted when the rest of the files are uploaded.

    It seems that other users have no problem downloading from Fileserve? Some of the Wupload links are similar to Depositfiles, which shows it is "online" or "alive" but it hits an error while downloading or there is nothing (i.e. zero byte) in the link.

  • eslang 01-02-2012 11:58


    Thank you for the detail explanation this time. It certainly paints a better picture. :-) Indeed, even though Depositfiles indicate that it is "online", but that is not the case.

    I'll be uploading Night Head (TV drama) and five films of Yamaguchi Momoe within this week to your common folder.!users|36594441-cf19a4afad3dd9ca7700ac27a752ab6d|5441

    Hopefully, the others can pitch-in to help with whatever they have downloaded earlier.


  • saigo_x 01-02-2012 08:16

    Hmm, maybe the first thing we should do is make a list of what is still available and where? I still have all the episodes I uploaded, although I have moved some to my external hard drive. I'll have to see which of xaxa's uploads I downloaded. Also I discovered that the site JPDL had uploaded some of xaxa's uploads to other DDL sites. Upon further investigation I've found that the Wupload links still seem to work for all but one of the uploads. Use this link:

  • xaxa 01-02-2012 04:45


    Then I must sort out why they don't work for me once and for all!))

  • blacklodge 01-02-2012 03:44


    another thing I noticed. There are a couple of Clubbox clubs that have stored the large majority of your uploads, so if you search the Japanese title over at, you should be able to recover a large portion.

  • xaxa 31-01-2012 16:39


    Ah, so you talked about Sprint's post... I thought you meant Lollipop, because it was he/she who talked about maps. Well, for creating a list of "dead" shows you don't need a map or anything special it could be plain text, the only thing you need is tons of free time)) You must visit each post copy all links and automatically check them in JDownloader (steps 1-3 in download tutorial: And write down the results. But you should also watch out of Depositfiles - it frequently shows that link is alive when in truth it's not.

    That's a boring manual labor and I really doubt that it's necessary at all, because it's pretty safe to assume that ALL links are dead now (well, except very few newer ones and the ones at Rapidshare and Fileserve) and if someone has a show that he downloaded here and wants to reupload, he could just check the links for that particular show, if they are still alive or not. And if he don't have dramas or don't want to reupload them, than no list will help it.

    Yeah, I get the picture with fansubbers and old shows, so I'm not really disappointed or surprised, or anything like that, it's just the way it is. It's their choice and right to do anything they like or want.

  • eslang 31-01-2012 05:56


    Yeah, I hear you. I'm sure you can go on by yourself. No doubt about it. :)

    As for wishing how others would join in your project, be it sharing, spreading the word, making maps or subtitles or anything else... it really depends on their level of interests in your website, leisure time and motivation. And it also depends on whether his/her goal happens to be in the same direction as yours.

    Do pardon me, I still have no idea what is "making maps"? What is it? Are you referring to making an index list of of non-subbed dramas and films?

    I was referring to Sprint post:

    "I think you should post a list of dead doramas so that people can know what's missing and be encouraged to take part in recoveringm a separate page. we have to salavge what's left. Anyway, though it's a great loss, we will have to live on."

    I was not referring to the list of dramas and films that are without subtitles or just not being subbed into English. In fact, some of them have Asian subtitles or being voice-dubbed when it was aired in their respective countries. Personally, I feel it is alright even if there are NO SUBS and would watch it as long as the film/drama is well-made or the story plot is interesting.

    On another note, sorry to digress a bit... over at d-addicts fansubbing threads: did you notice no one responded to Avallach [REQ] "Need help with translation (Imouto Yo)" and jake9115 "OSHIN English subs -- let's talk"?

    IF I'm not mistaken, most of the fan-subbers on d-addicts are either students or currently studying Japanese and hardly go for oldies films & dramas. The next thing is about the genre/cultural-gap/slang/regional dialects that were spoken in those films & dramas and I doubt the new younger crowd could understand it nor have any interest to learn 死語 as compared to 流行語. There are many other issues, but I think you already get the drift why some of these films and dramas are likely to remain unsubbed into English.

    Sometimes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  • xaxa 30-01-2012 22:58


    Thanks for the help offer, I really appreciate that!

    But yeah, the problem with file hosters should be solved first.

    I don't have anything against DA and its community, it's really great, but one thing I learned from my experience - you can't force your beliefs or wishes onto others. I mean, I've tried asking, I've shared tons of old dramas for promotion, but if fansubber isn't a fan of oldies, then you can't persuade him to make subtitles. Everything in FANsub community is based on a free will.


    No, I can go on by myself, I don't really need "thankyou"s or words of appreciation, it's not my goal. The only thing I wish for is that others would follow my steps and would participate in different activities: be it sharing, spreading the word, making maps or subtitles or anything else... I don't have 100 hands and 100 hours in a day, so it is difficult for me physically to do everything and it is only natural when it starts to exhaust mentally (especially when something unpleasant happens like with DDL).

    As for that map... I didn't mean that anyone can make it - sure, you have to have an access to edit that page and some technical skills - but I'm sure that there are people who can and of course it may be done in some other way too, so it's just a matter of willingness, imo. The list of dramas that are uploaded is here:

    Click on a *raw tag and you'll get all dramas and movies that have no subtitles (and there are few under *subbed tag with only Japanese subtitles). So, voila, you already have a list of unsubbed dramas, not much of invention)) The only question is, what do you want to do with that list...

    Yeah, I know about the poll, you probably entered the site with different browsers or under browsers' anonym regime, because this poll works on cookies. But it's OK. Any poll can be falsified. It's not like I'm trying to get a super accurate statistics, it just helps me know what other less active users are thinking. Nevertheless, I've almost made up my mind about future plans and it is pointless to speculate with the poll))

  • eslang 30-01-2012 19:53


    First of all, I want say a BIG thank you for your wonderful efforts in putting up this great site with rare dramas and films.

    I understand how it feels being discouraged and sometimes (maybe) unappreciated, as I'd done similar works way back in the past, struggling by on a "one-man-operation".

    But then, I realized later... it was a labor of love building a list of the films/dramas which I truly enjoyed and simply wished to share with others the beauty and the works of the directors/actors/actresses whom I really admired.

    So, it's a matter of what you want to build eventually and it will definitely take a lot of time and perseverance.

    If I may suggest, it might be useful if you can list out what older shows (films or dramas) that you would like others to help out in making this map. Because no one knows exactly what are the missing shows and kind of unproductive to duplicate the same effort when others might be uploading the same stuff, isn't it?

    What do you mean by "anyone could make this map" -- what are you referring to? Perhaps you can elaborate further on how to do it? Kindly do not assume that everyone knows how to do it or what it is about. It may seem simple and easy to you, but it might be difficult for others to understand who are from different backgrounds and skill-sets.

    By the way, the poll is sort of pointless as one can just clicks on the same choice many times to sway the votes or opinion. =)

  • Lollipop 30-01-2012 19:23

    I know what you mean with "everyone is waiting for something", so MAYBE i will create a new thread on d-addicts with an up-to-date list of all jdoramas of Project"Restoration" with links to the files + dramawiki. I think (or blind-belief^^) it will improve the infrastructure and communication between this project and fansubber. I mean, DA is the key- and central element of the dorama-community... (I really want to watch some unsubbed dramas of the 80s and 90s, but without eng subs it's useless for me ;-)) But first of all the problem with the filehosters should be solved. That's the most important problem now. I will keep an eye on these idea!

  • xaxa 30-01-2012 18:47


    Thanks for the advice!

    As you already know, I've tried d-addicts, I've really tried, but it just don't work in a long run. Seeders are gone in a couple of months and never come back. It's good for new releases, when you need to spread dramas to a wide audience, but kind of useless for unpopular old series.

    But yeah, I will probably continue to use Rapidshare or some other DDL site in the future.

    As for fansubbers... I don't really think they'll be ever interested in older shows, so fansub map is, imo, useless and a waste of time (you can click practically in any drama from tag list and I'm sure it won't be subbed)). I've lost hope to interest them a long time ago ^^;

    The other problem with this project - almost no one helps. For one year I've done almost all by myself and it's very discouraging... I mean, anyone could make this map or upload older shows, but no one does it, everyone is waiting for something (I know for what)). Oh well...

  • Lollipop 30-01-2012 17:49

    I think you should go two ways. Continue with uploads on rapidshare as you begun (i guess rapidshare is the most reliable at the moment - there was recently an interview with the CEO and the don't think about shutting down their services in the near future, it was just a panic action of other filehosters) and create torrents at d-addicts. Of course DA is not very reliable with seeders, but it's better than nothing! An own private tracker will not solve the problem with seeders, so i think that's useless. And maybe in some weeks there will be other new - or old - filehosters which re-open their services again and you could upload dramas on their hosters IF they are better than rapidshare. Thank's for your effort ;-). By the way: Isn't it helpful for fansubber or potential funsubber to have a clearly list of all rare doramas with hints for subtitles available or not. Like the JDrama Fansub Map ( Of course it should be always up-to-date with links to subs and videos and maybe it can be implement at d-addicts as well... What do you think?

  • saigo_x 28-01-2012 22:01


    Unfotunately that is not very realistic. Just look at the shoutbox or the seed request thread on D-A. You'll see people asking for seeds even for shows that are/were popular. I doubt there will be enough people willing to reshare the old, rare, unsubtitled series this site was built around.

  • blacklodge 28-01-2012 00:54

    con: seeding depends on users themselves. ;-P

  • ozusensei 27-01-2012 19:59

    the best option, i think, would be a move to d-addicts and have reseeds at irregular intervals.

    pro: free, seeding depends on users themselves

    con: -

  • Edward 27-01-2012 16:12

    Fileserve Opened their download function again, Yeah.:)

  • blacklodge 27-01-2012 00:41 might be a good alternative. They're not mainstream so they should be safe for quite a while, and seem really competitive. 10 bucks a month gets you 100 GB per file.

  • MetalKaiser 26-01-2012 18:04

    Well, maybe they stopped the service until they asked their lawyers about their situation and the risks they can assume or until they moved their servers anywhere outside the USA. Maybe they feel safer now, so they continue their service.

    Anyway, I think that moving to a private tracker right now is a mistake. We should wait some time until the situation of Megaupload and of the other companies is more clear and then come to a decission.

  • xaxa 26-01-2012 17:47


    yeah, looks like it. too bad they've already undermined their credibility...

  • MetalKaiser 26-01-2012 16:40

    Hey, it seems that Fileserve is working again, I am using it in Jdownloader without any probem!

  • Babil 26-01-2012 12:41

    Hello! Thanks for your great job, in your site I found a lot of series that I was searching for years. Of course I stand for solution 1.

    After all, if this madness of closing direct download site will continue, torrent and peer 2 peer will be the only solutions for any download issue.

  • Dev 26-01-2012 01:49


    Ah, yes, I meant that in the entry itself of course:P

    Thank you in advance! (and pardon late reply)

  • xaxa 25-01-2012 23:20


    yeah, but like with Multiupload, files will be stored on other hosts very limited amount of time, because they are uploaded at free accounts. But we need a long lasting solution. Out of all links that were given by Multiupload only Megaupload lasted. Check my old uploads (or even from middle pages) and you'll find that all links are dead long ago.

  • blacklodge 25-01-2012 22:02

    er.... aggregators like Multiupload, that is.

  • blacklodge 25-01-2012 22:02

    xaxa, there are dozens of multi-host aggregators like Megaupload. Mirror Creator lets you choose 14 out of 30 or so hosts on free setup (premium, you can upload to all of them), and you can check directly what has uploaded successfully. There are others as well, so all you need is to pick your favorite.

  • xaxa 25-01-2012 20:46

    Sorry, zen, for not answering you earlier, because I didn't have an accurate answer at that time. Actually I'm currently working on creation of private tracker. I see that lots of people still prefer DDL, but it's too unstrable nowadays, so most probably it will be a private tracker.

    As for the cost... A tracker needs a dedicated server and it costs around €40 a month((...


    it's OK.

  • MetalKaiser 25-01-2012 20:13

    I forgot to tell: some of the doramas I am uploading, I downloaded them from after Megaupload was down. So maybe they are not exactly the same as they were here. That is not the case of Aniki, but others...

  • zen 25-01-2012 19:23

    Is having a private tracker not a viable option now? I still wonder what kind of cost is involved in running one. I'm willing to help.

  • xaxa 25-01-2012 18:44

    Yes, I've moved them in Aniki folder. Try to refresh the page.

  • MetalKaiser 25-01-2012 18:22

    I uploaded almost all the episodes of Aniki, but at the same time I was uploading them, some of them (1-5) disappeared. I can't see an "Aniki" folder if you are moving them. Are you doing something with them?

  • xaxa 25-01-2012 17:31


    Yes, you can't create folders, only upload, but don't worry I'll make a folder and move your uploads in it.


    не, файлы там хранятся как у обычного free user'a (премиум не покупал), но вот JDownloader качает с Rapidshare со скоростью и без ограничений премиума. Я так понял, фишка Jdownloader'a.

  • Avallach 25-01-2012 16:05

    Не очень понял.

    То есть если я сейчас залью в твою папку, файлы будут храниться как залитые премиум-юзером? Или я ошибаюсь?

    И да, у меня тоже не получается создать папку.

    Я бы тоже помог что-нибудь перезалить.

  • MetalKaiser 25-01-2012 15:23

    I am very sad because I can see that first option in the poll is about to win... ;)

    By the way, we can upload to your shared account, but cannot crete sub-folders. Is there any chance you organize everything later?

  • Sprint 25-01-2012 09:48

    XaXa, I am a minor collector of sort specialized in Japanese Dorama. Some of my collections which I have downloaded from you are still intact in my hard + server. Nothing compare to you.. but still.

    I think you should post a list of dead doramas so that people can know what's missing and be encouraged to take part in recoveringm a separate page. we have to salavge what's left. Anyway, though it's a great loss, we will have to live on. If you ever need someone commited to back up your doramas for a long time. I may be able to help. Got about 10 TB or more of online storage + 8 TB of my own. (Since one is used as a mirror of the other, in reality, it's just half 8-9TB)

  • Zorkaz 25-01-2012 03:07

    Btw. beside Rapidshare there is also Netload... if that might help any way....

  • xaxa 25-01-2012 03:03


    after reading the first sentence, I thought you talked about first variant in the poll, lol))

    you are lucky, "Aitsu ga trouble" is one of the few shows that survived, I'll reupload it later))

  • Dev 25-01-2012 01:12

    I vote for the first variant as that seems the most reliable in the long run, especially considering current situation, though feel awkward that except for voting can't really help with realization of the idea. You've done great work providing us with old series that are almost impossible to find now and that'll be a big loss if RareDoramas are shut down.

    In this relation I wanted to ask one thing. I came across links to Aitsu ga trouble short before all this Megaupload misfortune happened, bookmarked them for later and now see them gone. Not the best time now, I guess, but may I ask you to reupload it, if it's not much trouble?

  • RetroHelix 24-01-2012 22:04

    Bad idea. Would be the same as using a private server^^

  • RetroHelix 24-01-2012 22:02

    I like the idea of keeping the files archived for a long time on DDL sites but at the moment there seems to be no good hoster. You cant be sure that the uploads are safe for a longer timeperiod :(

    I used torrents extensively some years ago mainly because it was comfortable but I don't like it anymore. In my country there were several cases of torrentusers being charged.

    Some more years in the past I used XDCC. If there would be a way to redirect a oneclickhosts downloads to a XDCC server you would keep the links secret but you must have a good XDCC server.

  • zen 24-01-2012 21:57

    xaxa, roughly how much does it cost to run a tracker site?

  • xaxa 24-01-2012 19:47

    Yes, I can make a registration, but I kind of don't see a point in it, only inconvenience to users. I had registration on a previous site version and only about 10 users registered... I also don't see how registration can prevent finding the site and the links.

    And the problem with DDL isn't because of rightsholders find the links here and take them down, but because file hosters panic due to Megaupload incident and close their services (with all the links). Sure, I can make a registration system, make the links visible only to logged in users, but that doesn't eliminate our main problem - where to store files? Where is it safe and long enough?

    Didn't quite get the last paragraph, sorry. I don't like the Multiupload option anymore. Now when Megaupload and most of other hosters to which it uploaded are down, I think it's barely alive itself (just checked, it's not opening right now!). And yeah, reuploading even once a month (even if it'll be done by different users) is kind of tiresome.

  • Coming of age 24-01-2012 18:58

    I don't know , but you can make any log in system or not?, Only key in the name of your uploaded series , everyone could see them and your website in google search easily and that 's the reason Why those kinds of upload service provider dead, Rapid share too ,sooner or later it will be shut down , Megaupload and other service provider will not do anything to break out this site?

    The problem did not comefrom only USA but Inside of everyone 's country , they also have their own protection law,

    Create a membership system ,if anyone did not sincere , we would know by later , they would like to do it as commercial download or not? Pls don't shut down this website , only each series 's information , It 's very useful enough to alive, I have already checked the price of DVD series , it cost about 120-130 USD/DVD , One DVD : 2-3 episode , Very expensive !, If I have to collect more money to buy them all , I have to choose , May be 1 years , 2 series or something ,

    How about multiupload and other?, One - Two month One time to making Upload? , If others Upload site dead , everyone would not tire so much to do uploading again and again to the new place , But doing discussion we can do everyday, or How about Up and Down ( Like doing excercise ) In one day or two days, If anyone would like to watch Series 1 episode......, he or she could do request to xaxa or other , Heh , pls kindly upload Series 1 episode...., I have already checked that site , is still OK to upload , if anyone need to watch any series , Let them check first ? Where is the most availabled place for your upload,

  • xaxa 24-01-2012 13:35

    zen, money. creating your own tracker costs lots of money.

    Anonym, SkyDrive is not a bad option, but only 25 Gb. It's too little for one person, but if lots of people will reupload dramas on their accounts... It could work somehow. I'll think about it.

    Dropbox is out of the question, because it's pricey.

  • Anonym 24-01-2012 08:21

    Can't we leverage somehow using SkyDrive or Dropbox?

  • imagawayaki 24-01-2012 06:58

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for the dramas you've been providing. I'm only familiar w/ DDL personally and find them convenient but it seems to be a disappearing option. I'm going to have to learn about torrents.

  • zen 24-01-2012 05:57

    I'm already using some of the private torrent trackers for Asian films, but what's the caveat of creating a private torrent tracker?

  • Norm 24-01-2012 04:31

    Rapidshare states that your files are offline using jdownloader, last two epsodies of Asami Mitsuhiko Mystery.

  • Jelly 24-01-2012 02:19

    Hi, I love your site and I don't think you should shut it down. I don't know if Rapidshare will stay online after all this, I hope so, but at the same time it'll be strange if it will.

    So I say: let's see what happens now in the next few weeks and then decide what to do. Just don't shut the site down now that everything is still in progress... it would be a terrible loss for all the jdramas lovers out there. ^^

    Unfortunately I'm a jobless student so I don'thave much money to donate... and in my country the connection speed is scandalous, it takes ages to download something - and even more to upload. :(

    Sorry for my English, is not my first language (nor the second ^^;)