Project "Restoration"

Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • meganjackie11 25-09-2013 22:42

    omg!!! I want so badly to watch this series with subs!!!! Can you please please please reupload this series...please please!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  • xaxa 09-03-2012 14:26

    Because Megupload's links lasted. And now there is no subtitution for it, so it's a waste of time.

  • FanFire 09-03-2012 04:19

    Then why did you do it the first time ?

  • xaxa 08-03-2012 14:16

    No, i don't have it. Even if I had them, I wouldn't upload on DDL sites.

  • NanaOne 08-03-2012 12:18

    Please, please upload those files on another one that MU, you would be an angel. Some episodes are on another site, but not the first one, so please, can you upload it ?

  • reyahh 03-07-2011 18:22

    thank you very much for this~