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Rare and old doramas restoration project

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  • xaxa 11-11-2016 15:13


    I skimmed through it and didn't find any connection to drama, it looked like an ordinary variety show. was there a connection to drama?

  • Breadcrumbs 11-11-2016 07:20

    Thanks for looking at my comment xaxa (& sincere thanks directly for the upload now I look in the right spot, silly me LOL). FWIW you probably could have left that link, just labelling it as "cast special" or similar. Someone (not me that's for sure!) esp a Japanese speaker could have found value there. No criticism intended by the way

  • xaxa 08-11-2016 17:23

    thanks, removed 7th link

  • Breadcrumbs 08-11-2016 03:39

    Thanks to the uploader

    Files 1-5 are eps 1-10, file 6 = "ep 11" & looks to be a drama, file 7 is off drama - a special cast interview/food show?? Don't have subs so can't be more specific.

  • Rice 25-12-2014 05:39

    This is one of my favorite dramas and I have to express my gratitude for it here. 感謝感激!

  • xaxa 28-05-2014 13:28

    Anything is better than nothing, so uploading files with hardsub would be much appreciated.

  • Anonymous 26-05-2014 23:50

    i have this show with both korean and chinese hardsubs if that is worth anything. i would love it if someone reupped the korean softsubs to use for timming as i am planning a translation of this in the near future.

  • RetroHelix 20-11-2012 13:22

    Korean subs (for timing purpose maybe):

    Still trying to find good raws but no success so far.

  • xaxa 09-12-2011 15:32

    Too bad((

  • RetroHelix 08-12-2011 12:57

    Looks like its not possible to get the rips from Share. I have the program running since my last post and only found 6 rips of good quality. Having them on the downloadlist resulted in not even downloading 10 mb :(

  • RetroHelix 25-11-2011 17:17

    I only began to use Share to find a good version of this drama^^ I set up a trigger that adds everything with "29歳のクリスマス" in the name to my db and found 4 episodes of it this way (in 5 days...) but could not complete any download :( I hope there are more episodes and someone who shares them.

    If you have problems setting Share up use the d-addicts-tutorial .

    I also heard people saying Share is death and Perfect Dark is the way to go now. Maybe I should try it.

  • xaxa 25-11-2011 13:42


    Good news. I should probably try Share again. Last time I remember we weren't on a good terms))

  • RetroHelix 25-11-2011 12:02

    I found a "640x480 divx6" version on Share but its hard to download such rare files with it. My shitty internet-connection is problem too (not even 300kb/s down, ~40kb/s up).

    But who knows, maybe the show gets reaired some time and someone captures it. Till then I let share open.

  • xaxa 08-11-2011 01:57

    No, it is raw, without ANY subtitles.

  • Anonym 07-11-2011 23:03

    I found it on too. It has chinese subtitles. It is the same version as the one uplaoded here?

  • Anonym 03-11-2011 23:22

    Damn, looks like there is really no dvd version. Some problems with the copyright for the titlesong...

  • seichan1188 03-11-2011 06:11

    I think there's VCD version of the drama. Is this that one? ^^

    I'm in love with Yamaguchi Tomoko's dramas. And this one seems so good. Hope we have some luck for it getting subbed someday ^"^

    Thank you for your hard working on old dramas.

  • xaxa 23-10-2011 19:35

    Yeah, I know. I tried to find a better version for her, but to no avail. I guess there were no DVDs released.

  • Anonym 23-10-2011 18:12

    Thank you for sharing :)

    Hope that someone will upload the good quality version of this drama, Chuks (Chuks no Uta) said that she would sub this drama if there had the fine version of it :)

  • xaxa 24-08-2011 16:28

    You are right.

  • RetroHelix 24-08-2011 14:53

    Its a shame that nobody subbed this :(

  • xaxa 05-07-2011 11:20

    They do not exist.

  • Uneeta 05-07-2011 07:08

    Does anyone know where to get the English subtitle?

  • Chuks 14-05-2011 17:45

    Thank you! The drama was as great as I remember.

    One of the best dramas ever made!

  • Аноним 01-05-2011 20:29

    Thanks. This is one of my favorites dramas.