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Ai no Arashi [1986]

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Ai no Arashi 1986

Title: 愛の嵐, Ai no Arashi, Storm of Love

Genre: Drama, Romance (midday dorama)

Episodes: 69

Broadcast period: 1986-Jun-30 to 1986-Oct-3

Cast: Watanabe Hiroyuki, Tanaka Misako, Agawa Noriko, Nakao Akira.

DVD-rip. Files: MP4, x264, ~200 Mb per file, ~20 min each.


Sukeban Deka The Movie Sukeban Deka The Movie 2

Title: スケバン刑事 The Movie, Sukeban Deka The Movie

Genre: Action, crime

Duration: 93 minutes

Air Date: 14 Feb, 1987

Title: スケバン刑事 The Movie 2: 風間三姉妹の逆襲, Sukeban Deka The Movie 2: Kazama san-shimai no gyakushû

Genre: Action, crime

Duration: 90 minutes

Air Date: 11 Feb, 1988

More info: *ttp://