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Akai Shougeki [1976]

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Akai Shougeki 1976

Duration: 29 episodes

Genre: Drama, romance

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 1976-Nov-5 - 1977-May-27

Cast: Yamaguchi Momoe, Miura Tomokazu

Related dramas: Akai Giwaku, Akai Shinsen

Video: DVDrip.

One of the classic "Akai" series with Yamaguchi Momoe and her husband Miura Tomokazu.

Related dramas: Akai Giwaku 1975, Akai Unmei 1976, Akai Shogeki 1976, Akai Gekiryu, Akai Kizuna, Akai Gekitotsu, Akai Arashi, Akai Tamashii, Akai Shisen, Akai Unmei 2005, Akai Shogeki 2005



Harenchi Gakuen

Genre: erotic comedy

Movies: 5

Broadcast period: May 2, 1970 to February 2, 1996

Cast: Miyuki Kojima, Shunji Fujimura, Jo Shishido, Hosei Komatsu, etc.

Video: DVD-rip.

These are 4 live-action movies, which run in 1970-1971.

There is also 1 more, which run in 1996.

More info: *ttp://