Taiyou ni Hoero!

Here are the last episodes (26-52) of Macaroni Keiji. Files are only up to 49, because episodes 27 and 37 weren't included in DVD.

Episodes 1-25 are here



Taiyou ni Hoero! - Macaroni Keiji | 太陽にほえろ!マカロニ刑事

Title in English: Bark at the Sun - Macaroni Detective

Genre: crime drama

Episodes: 52 (first 52 episodes of Taiyou ni Hoero! series)

Broadcast period: from 1972/07/21 to 1973/07/13

Cast: Kenichi Hagiwara, Akira Onodera, Yujiro Ishihara, Tappei Shimokawa, Raita Ryu


Episodes 26-52 are here.

First 26 episodes (actually only 25, because episode 19 wasn't included in DVD) of this famous cop show starring Kenichi Hagiwara.



Last episodes (30-57) of Jiipan Keiji series. Episodes 68 and 106 were not included in the DVD, so there is only 57 episodes of 59. Nevertheless enjoy!

First 29 episodes of Jeans Cop are here.


Taiyou ni Hoero! - Jiipan Keiji | 太陽にほえろ! ジーパン刑事 1973

Title in Eglish: Bark at the Sun - Detective in Jeans

Genre: crime drama

Episodes: 59 (episodes 53-111 of Taiyou ni Hoero! series)

Broadcast period: from 20 July, 1973 to 30 August, 1974

Cast: Matsuda Yusaku

Video: DVDrip

First 29 episodes of this famous cop show starring Matsuda Yusaku. It was his first role.

The rest episodes are here.

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