Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama 2nd Season [1976]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama | 前略おふくろ様

Title: Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama 2 | 前略おふくろ様ll

Genre: family drama

Episodes: 24 (2nd season)

Broadcast: from 1976-Oct-15 to 1977-Apr-1

Cast: Kenichi Hagiwara, Kaori Momoi, Midori Kinouchi, Tatsuo Umemiya, Kaoru Yachigusa

Screenplay: Sou Kuramoto

Video: DVD-rip

Highly Recommended!

A second and last season of Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama which is a famous drama written by famous Japanese screenwriter, Kuramoto Sou, and is a predecessor of Haikei, Chichiue-sama.

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Thanks to saigo_x for the links.

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  1. Reuploaded to Mega.

    https://mega.co.nz (combine this with the hash links below)

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  2. Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama 2 - 09.part2.rar

    97.4 MB

    Temporary error,retrying

  3. @maeda

    Yeah, that's been happening alot lately. Try again later. I'll check it tomorrow and if need be reupload it.

  4. Yes, something is wrong with mega sometimes (probably somehow overloaded?)

    Yesterday I had pretty hard time with downloading attempts...

    It was kind of funny - download progress counter was on 60% and than suddenly drop back to 53% and again, similar case one after another...

    But today the same files downloaded without any problem.

  5. @maeda

    It works now for me. Try again.

  6. Please reuploaded 09.part2.rar (97.4 MB)/#!KQFWVaYZ!F5hWzgcF7ItIA8X-7bfdOmR_FvITZC9hQFXXXOEp8AU9Q and 19.part2.rar (107.8 MB)


    It's getting the "Temporary error, retrying" message.Thank you in advance!

  7. @Anonymous

    09.part2 and 19.part2 seem to be working again.

  8. Dear saigo_X,

    09.part2 and 19.part2 is both ok.

    Thank you a lot.

    I have a jidaigeki drama with English hardsub.

    1999 Genroku Ryoran 元禄缭乱

    episodes: 49


    but I don't know how to upload here.

    Can you read traditional Chinese?

    My English is poor,traditional Chinese is good.

  9. @Anonymous

    English hardsub? Probably the Kiku TVRips uploaded to D-Addicts by Nanashi No Gonbey. If you already uploaded the files to a DDL site like Mega, you can send the links to xaxa using the "CONTACT" link on the right side of the page. Unfortunately I can't read Chinese, sorry.

  10. to saigo_X,

    Yes,it's English hardsub.

    49 episodes.

    I download it from china's internet lately.

    I admire you and xaxa share's action very much.

    I will study how to upload "Mega".

    Anywhere, i'm grateful to you.

    Thank you a lot.

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