Warui Onna - Loose Socks Deka | 悪いオンナ ルーズソックス刑事 [2000]

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 20 November 2011

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Warui Onna - Loose Socks Deka | 悪いオンナ ルーズソックス刑事

Title in English: Bad Woman - Loose Socks Cop

Genre: detective, comedy

Episodes: 4

Broadcast period: 03 Feb, 2000 - 24 Feb, 2000

Cast: Hirayama Aya

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This is a prototype drama for the Keitai Deka series.

Thanks to saigo_x for the links!

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  1. I've reuploaded all 4 episodes here: https://rapidshare.com/#!users|37202864-e70a4cf3496b854741ddffdbbd7bcfc5|2855

  2. Hi, do you happen to have the other arc of Warui Onna? The one with Kirina Mano, the episodes are titled 誘惑を売る女 (yūwaku wo uru onna). I would be glad to watch them again. Thanks in any case you can upload them :)

  3. @Hokuto

    No I don't. I only downloaded Loose Socks Deka because it was related to the Keita Deka Zenigata series. I'll look around though.

  4. how to download from rapidshare??

    i did'nt see any download link there..


  5. if you don't see links, then that means they are dead as usual.

  6. @adnan kun

    I'll reupload them tomorrow. You prefer rapidshare or Mediafire?

  7. I don't know what adnan kun will say. But if you ask me - Mediafire is better.

  8. I uploaded it to Mediafire:


  9. Thank you.

    If you have Keita Deka Zenigata Mei, Rei, Kai and Movie 1 and 2, can you upload it? I was trying to get by torrents a month ago. It is unavailable.

  10. thank you very much... i appreciate your kindness for reuploading it... :D

    i think mediafire is the best.. ^^

  11. @Andrey

    These are the ones I had uploaded previously on RareDoramas: http://raredoramas.info/tag/Keitai+Deka+Zenigata. I'll have to check on Mei but I do know I was never able to download Rei.

  12. Thank you. But links of Kai and Movies 1,2 are on megaupload. Please reupload it.

    PS: Others I'd got from d-addict. There are also Mai, Rai.

    I've remember there were also torrents of 2nd seasons Rai and Rui, but it's also unavailable.

  13. Excuse. Last comment was from me.

  14. @Andrey

    I do have Zenigata Mei 1280x720 version uploaded to D-Addicts, although I never uploaded it here because it is from 2009 and not really a "rare dorama". I'm sure it's harder to find now that Megaupload and so many other DDL sites are gone though.

    I also have Zenigata Rei but it is 704x396, not the 1280x720 version. Also I only have the 1st season although I think the end season is available on Clubbox.

    I'll start and upload some of them next week.

  15. Thank you. And I have a question about Loose Socks Deka. I think that 2000's TVRip couldn't be 16:9. Must be someone had cut it later for new screens. Am I right?

  16. @Andrey

    I've uploaded season 1 of Zenigata Rei. Regarding the aspect ratio of Loose Socks Deka, I don't know the source. I've seen two other versions and they all have the same aspect ratio.

    Keitai Deka Zenigata Rei - Season 1

    704x396 Divx5.2.1


  17. In any case I'm glad that I've find "Loose Socks Deka" and "Rei". Thanks.

    I'm getting comments of the site by RSS. If you will uploud Kai, Mei and Movie 1,2, you can write messages in its pages. I'll get it.

  18. Please check Rei ep6. There is only part2.

  19. @Andrey

    I'v uploaded the missing ep6 part2 for Rei. I also reuploaded movies 1 and 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?c7a3qtkmh1gdp

  20. Reuploaded Aug 24


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