Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte 1 [1984]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 12 April 2011

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Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte

Title: うちの子にかぎって..., Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte

Genre: School, comedy

Episodes: 7 (1st Season)

Broadcast period: 1984-Aug-17 to 1984-Sep-28

Cast: Masakazu Tamura, Morishita Aiko, Miyamoto Nobuko

Re-uploaded links thanks to saigo_x

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  1. Unfortunately I have mac and cannot download these videos :(

  2. @Kazzy

    The Multiupload links above do not work. The files were lost when Multiupload was shut down last year. Mulitupload now has a new domain (multiupload.nl). I'm not sure what you are seeing but not being able to download has nothing to do with being on a Mac.

    I believe I have these files and may reupload sometime in the future.

  3. Unfortunately it looks like I only downloaded the first two episodes so I can't reupload this series.

  4. I managed to download the episodes I was missing from Clubbox. I will reupload tomorrow. I'll probably upload them on Medaifire but I can also upload them to Mega if requested.

  5. I've reuploaded episodes 1-6 but am having problems with episode 7. I will reupload 7 later when mega isn't being a pain.


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 01.avi (342.9 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 02.avi (344.1 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 03.avi (455.7 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 04.avi (453.7 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 05.avi (448.8 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 06.avi (449.6 MB)


  6. Was finally able to upload episode 7 successfully.

    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte - 07.avi (450.2 MB)


  7. The youtube link doesn't work, as the video is marked as "private"

  8. saigo_x are you using a special tool for mega or something? I tried to upload a file several times and it never finishes (restarts or stops).

  9. @RetroHelix

    I also had lots of trouble trying to upload to Mega. I almost gave up on the Dakishimetai Specials because it would keep restarting like you said. What I found out is Mega only works well for me during certain hours. I assume the servers get overloaded and the load balancing mechanism is causing the restarts.

  10. Thank you sago_x!! I was able to download them.

    It seems like the audio codecs that I have in my system are not compatible with these videos... I have no problem with the videos... the audio is super choppy & inaudible. Used VLC and QT player.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


  11. @Kazzy

    Are you havng audio problems with all the episodes or just the first two? Episodes 1 and 2 are DivX3 while 3 to 7 are H264. Someone mentioned having problems playing episodes 1-2 in the torrent comments on D-addicts (http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_p1369127.htm#1369127). Unfotunately there are no HQ versions of episodes 1 and 2. I do however have alternate LQ versions of episodes 1 and 2 I can upload.

  12. Hi saigo_x, I just checked episodes 1,2 and 3 so far and only 1 and 2 are having issues and ep 3 seems ok.

    If you can upload LQ versions, it would be great - thanks :)

  13. @Kazzy

    Here are the alternate versions of episodes 1 and 2. Sorry it took so long.


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte 01.avi (347.9 MB)


    Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte 02.avi (350.6 MB)


  14. Thanks saigo_x! They are perfect!

    And no- I don't expect you to upload immediately... I really appreciate just be able to download the great stuff available through here :)

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