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Tokyo Love Story | 東京ラブストーリー (1991)

Author: xaxa | Monday, 18 May 2015

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Tokyo Love Story | 東京ラブストーリー (1991)

Genre: romance

Episodes: 11 + special

Broadcast period: 1991-Jan-07 to 1991-Mar-18

Cast: Suzuki Honami, Oda Yuji, Arimori Narimi, Eguchi Yosuke

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Video: BDrip, x264-10bit, AAC, 960x720, mkv (Apple&Kuno).

English subtitles (ep9 ONLY)!

BUY Tokyo Love Story Blu-ray Box

Note: download all parts and extract .zip archives, .z0... files will extract automatically.

01a http://adf.ly/1HNKqc

01b http://adf.ly/1HNKqd

02a http://adf.ly/1HNKqg

02b http://adf.ly/1HNKqj

03a http://adf.ly/1HNKql

03b http://adf.ly/1HNKqp

04a http://adf.ly/1HNKqs

04b http://adf.ly/1HNKqx

05a http://adf.ly/1HNKqz

05b http://adf.ly/1HNKr0

06a http://adf.ly/1HNKr2

06b http://adf.ly/1HNKr4

07a http://adf.ly/1HNKr7

07b http://adf.ly/1HNKr8

08a http://adf.ly/1HNKr9

08b http://adf.ly/1HNKrA

09a http://sh.st/nlFxH

09b http://sh.st/nlFnS

10a http://adf.ly/1HNSmL

10b http://adf.ly/1HNSmM

11a http://adf.ly/1HNSmN

11b http://adf.ly/1HNSmO

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Comments: 14
  1. DragonSpikeXIII | 2015-05-18 в 17:54:56

    Wow, thanks for these BD rips!

  2. Nice! Thank you.

  3. Thanks for great dorama!

    Something`s wrong with the last link.

    11b http://adf.ly/1HNSmO

    Shows temporary error the whole day today.

  4. probably temporary, as it downloads fine for me. you may try different browser.

  5. Tried different (Chrome) browser with the same results. Thank you anyway.

  6. TL01.z01、TL01.z02......TL01.z11 How should you use?

  7. just extract .zip archives, .z0... will extract automatically.

  8. Thanks you xaxa

  9. Thank you very much for this!

    I can't get TL09.zip in any way I've tried.

    What should I do? ( Maybe the file is missing?)

  10. @Adochan

    re-uploaded both parts. new ones may not be interchangeable ith old ones, so it's better to re-download both parts.

  11. Thank you so much!

    You are wonderful!

  12. It require password ? it ask me and I cant uncompress it .

  13. there shouldn't be a password. are you sure you're uncompressing it right?

    have you read the note?

    Note: download all parts and extract .zip archives, .z0... files will extract automatically.

  14. The password thing could be caused by JDownloader. I'm using it now and it does the same. Just open your download folder and extract manually.

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