Teppan | てっぱん [2010]

Author: xaxa | Thursday, 17 April 2014

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Teppan | てっぱん (2010)

Genre: asadora drama

Episodes: 151 (~15 min each) + specials

Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-27 to 2011-Apr-02

Cast: Takimoto Miori

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Video: TVRip, mp4, BS-hi 1280x720 x264-AAC.

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Comments: 22
  1. Thank you for this! I'm really grateful for you to upload this

  2. For Asadoras that still available at D-addicts: Tsubasa, Dondo Hare, Dandan, Welkame, Gegege no Nyoubou, Carnation. That's the only asadoras that I can find in D-addicts. I'll try finding it somewhere else~

  3. do they still have seeders though?

  4. That's the problem. I'm not sure. I'm trying to download Kaze no Haruka, quite a very old asadora and it didn't work for me. But I'll try and I'll tell you if I can download it

  5. Avallac#039;h | 2014-04-18 в 11:57:39

    "Watashi no Aozora" even with English subtitles:


    But torrents are dead for along time((

  6. Thanks for the upload :)

    It seems that part 21-2 gives me a recurring "temporary error - retrying" and does not download


    I do have four almost/complete Asadora that I have not seen here.

    Dondo Hare only missing episodes 43-48 total 156eps

    Dandan 1-120 of 150 (unfortunately I never got the remaining eps) unsubbed

    Ai no Uta 45 eps complete with English subs

    Watashi no Aozora 156eps complete with English subs

    Unfortunately I have a rather horrible upload speed so upping is not an option. I mostly traded for them via DVD. If anyone is willing to upload I would send them avi/mp4/mkv on DVDs or an USB stick.

    Only need a way of contacting ^^

  7. reuploaded

  8. T20-2 seems to be corruted.

    Could you please reupload>

    Thank you

  9. Sorry, now, downloaded and opened T20-2 successfully.

  10. Thank you very much for posting my beloved asadoras!!! Could you ,please,reupload T17-2.zip file. Tried to DL it few times. Gives message Thank you in advance!

  11. message is Decryption Error

  12. don't have it anymore

  13. Oh,what a pity! Thanks anyway!

  14. Julia P is right. I unzipped 17-2.zip at the terminal and it throws this error:

    Archive: T17-2.zip

    extracting: Teppan 097 (BS-hi 1280x720 x264-AAC).mp4 bad CRC 07dceffe (should be c6e19e0e)

    extracting: Teppan 095 (BS-hi 1280x720 x264-AAC).mp4

    extracting: Teppan 096 (BS-hi 1280x720 x264-AAC).mp4

    But Teppan 097 file seems playable and still got extracted. It's just that there are some artifacts at 00:46-00:51 of the file.

  15. It looks like T17-2 is having the "Decryption error" issue now. Hopefully it clears up n a few days like happened last time. If not I'll try and make a seed request on D-Addicts.

  16. i Hope they continue subbing this Teppan..Subtitle posted in addicts is only up to Week 6 :(

  17. Hello,

    I've been trying to download the T17-2.zip file several times and from different computers and connections. Everything goes well until 99%. But everytime it says that there is a "Decryption error". Therefore, it makes the file "unavailable". It's the only file who has this problem.

  18. yeah, looks like it. but unfortunately I don't have the files anymore to reuload.

  19. thanks to generous mr_oni, re-uploaded that broken T17-2.zip archive.

  20. ありがとうございます!! :)

  21. @shingo, do you still have all the episodes of Dondo Hare? Are they subbed in English?

  22. Shingo, do you still have Watashi no Aozora??? Willing to upload or trade?



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