Tantei Monogatari [1979-1980]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Tantei Monogatari

Title: 探偵物語, Tantei Monogatari, Detective Story

Genre: Detective, comedy, action

Episodes: 27

Broadcast period: 1979-1980

Cast: Matsuda Yusaku

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  1. yusaku matsuda aka aokiji inspiration eichiro oda.

  2. Yep.

  3. Reupload please

    Matsuda Yusaku is attractive actor.

    I like his two sons as actor.

  4. Yes please reupload this cult series

  5. It asks to enter decryption key?

  6. read the bold description

  7. @xaxa

    We should probably come up with a standardized way to post the split Mega links and also make a post to explain why we are doing it, to avoid confusion.

  8. Why Mega?

  9. Mega has the good down/upload speed, least restrictions, good file retention, and does nto require premium accounts.

  10. xaxa & saigo_x thanks for the re-ups.

    I'm having trouble getting Tantei Monogatari - 15. It's been giving a "Temporarily unavailable" error for more than a week now.

  11. reuploaded

  12. Thank you much!

  13. XAXA... You're the BEST!!! Thank you! Thank you! and Very Thank you! by upload.

  14. Is there any chance that this series might get re-upload ? Would love to see it ! ^_^

  15. ? it is reuloaded.

  16. Oh ok ! I guess I didn't get the process then, could you explain how to get it ? Thx in advance !

  17. join https://mega.co.nz/ and #!ZpElS... and get links

  18. Got it ! Thanks for the upload and explanations !

  19. Thanks for reuploading this earlier. No excuse not to grab it this time. I've only watched the 1983 movie with the same name, although I don't think they are related in any way. Different work.

  20. xaxa, thank you so much! Mr. Matsuda is mesmerizing to watch.

    I know it is unlikely, but has anyone made any subtitles for any of these episodes?

  21. Hi,

    I don't suppose anyone knows if there are subtitles for this show anywhere on the net?


  22. no

  23. Am I too late for this? I can't get it to work.

  24. links are working for me

    see the tutorial on how to download


  25. I understand, thank you. You are a good person for preserving this history.

  26. Are subtitles aviable?

  27. nope

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