Takeda Shingen | 武田信玄 (1988)

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 18 November 2015

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Takeda Shingen | 武田信玄 (1988)

Genre: taiga, jidaigeki, drama

Episodes: 50

Broadcast period: 1988-Jan-10 to 1988-Dec-18

Cast: Nakai Kiichi, Konno Misako, Nishida Toshiyuki, Ikegami Kimiko

Video: DVDrip, 706x541, mkv

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With English subtitles!

The 26th NHK Taiga Drama.

BUY Shingen Takeda Complete Edition 1st DVD Set.

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Comments: 14
  1. Hi,

    Links for episodes 44-47 are dead. "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." Can you reupload please? Thanks, and thanks very much for sharing this taiga drama!

  2. That would be for link #23 and #24. The last link is still working.

  3. works for me. try waiting or different browser.

  4. I was just looking for the rare dorama thx a million for the post with subs!

  5. Thanks for upload

  6. so where's the rest of the show?

  7. it's complete. there are 2 episodes in each archive

  8. Xaxa,

    are you interested about Mori Motonari drama?

  9. yes

  10. I have found all the raw video but with no sub.

    Do you know some translator to revive this project.

  11. you can try finding translator at d-addicts.com

  12. Do you know some translator to revive this project.

    i donte finding translator in d-addicts.com :'(

  13. no, I don't

  14. You do great work here, really appriciate it.

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