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Taiyou ni Hoero! - Macaroni Keiji | 太陽にほえろ!マカロニ刑事 [1972]

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Taiyou ni Hoero! - Macaroni  Keiji | 太陽にほえろ!マカロニ刑事

Title in English: Bark at the Sun - Macaroni Detective

Genre: crime drama

Episodes: 52 (first 52 episodes of Taiyou ni Hoero! series)

Broadcast period: from 1972/07/21 to 1973/07/13

Cast: Kenichi Hagiwara, Akira Onodera, Yujiro Ishihara, Tappei Shimokawa, Raita Ryu


Episodes 26-52 are here.

First 26 episodes (actually only 25, because episode 19 wasn't included in DVD) of this famous cop show starring Kenichi Hagiwara.


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