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Taiyou ni Hoero! - Jiipan Keiji | 太陽にほえろ! ジーパン刑事 (Episodes 30-57)

Author: xaxa | Thursday, 8 December 2011

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Last episodes (30-57) of Jiipan Keiji series. Episodes 68 and 106 were not included in the DVD, so there is only 57 episodes of 59. Nevertheless enjoy!

First 29 episodes of Jeans Cop are here.

The links are dead!
Comments: 4
  1. Thak you thoes good rere drama!

    But this [Jipan keiji] has 59 story.

    I think you do not up load 68 and 106.

    So your number of file will be collect.

    16 to 52 add 1

    53 to 57 add 2

    So 16 and 53 are missing.

    You do not lost 58th episode.

    Please check it.

  2. Ah, you are absolutely right, there are 59 episodes and actually 2 are missing (68 and 106), so total number of episodes is correct. Thanks for correcting me.

  3. Please, reupload it!

  4. Repost it please!!

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