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annie shared links to a few specials starring Yuko Asano! Zillion thanks to her as always.

All links and info are under the cut.

You can also find another mystery special's batch here.

Locked Passport / Tozasareta Ryoken / 鎖(とざ)された旅券 (06/27/1992 )

More info


JJ Mama / JJママ!

"Cinderella Time Forever!" / 「決死の授業参観!」の巻

Kesshi no Jugyo Sankan no Maki

More info


Xmas Resort Case, Okiraku The Adventure 2 / Okiraku Shufu no Daibouken 2 Gouka Christmas Resort Satsujin Jiken / お気らく主婦の大冒険2 豪華クリスマスリゾート殺人事件 (12/18/1998)

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Ski Tour Murder / Okiraku Shufu no Daibouken 3 - Hokkaido - Gouka Ski Yukemuri Tour Satsujin Jiken / お気らく主婦の大冒険3 - 北海道 豪華スキー湯けむりツアー殺人事件 (03/10/2000)

More info


Perfect Crime / 2000 Nen no Kanzen Hanzai ni Idomu Futari no Onna - Mishiranu Otoko no Tsuma ni Sareta Kurumaisu no Watashi... / 2000年の完全犯罪に挑む二人の女 - 見知らぬ男の妻にされた車椅子の私… (04/01/2000 )

More info


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    Thanks annie and xaxa!

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