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Sorekara no Musashi | それからの武蔵 (1996)

Author: xaxa | Saturday, 26 March 2016

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Sorekara no Musashi | それからの武蔵 (1996)

Genre: drama, jidaigeki

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: 1996-Jan-02

Cast: Kinya Kitaoji, Yuko Kotegawa

Video: 624x480, avi.

With English hardsub!

01 http://sh.st/Yhv3p

02 http://sh.st/Yhv3g

03 http://sh.st/Yhv3n

04 http://sh.st/Yhv3R

05 http://sh.st/Yhv3O

06 http://sh.st/Yhv3F

07 http://sh.st/Yhv3L

08 http://sh.st/Yhv3B

09 http://sh.st/Yhv33

10 http://sh.st/Yhv38

11 http://sh.st/Yhv4e

12 http://sh.st/Yhv4i

13 http://sh.st/Yhv4d

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Comments: 2
  1. Thank you!

    I just discovered your site & I am in a rare & wonderful heaven. There should be some kind of humanitarian award for sharing these jidaigeki lost gems with the world. And bonus+ (so far) all the links are live! When I found the site, I was a sure I would only find a mocking link graveyard. Please keep it up.

  2. I just agree with every word of the above comment and deeply appreciate to anyone who is sharing these works of art and wisdom.

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