Sorekara no Musashi | それからの武蔵 (1996)

Author: xaxa | Saturday, 26 March 2016

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Sorekara no Musashi | それからの武蔵 (1996)

Genre: drama, jidaigeki

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: 1996-Jan-02

Cast: Kinya Kitaoji, Yuko Kotegawa

Video: 624x480, avi.

With English hardsub!
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  1. Thank you!

    I just discovered your site & I am in a rare & wonderful heaven. There should be some kind of humanitarian award for sharing these jidaigeki lost gems with the world. And bonus+ (so far) all the links are live! When I found the site, I was a sure I would only find a mocking link graveyard. Please keep it up.

  2. I just agree with every word of the above comment and deeply appreciate to anyone who is sharing these works of art and wisdom.

  3. maybe this show will help me refine my swordsmanship in niten ichi ryu. which is musashi's fighting style

  4. It says invalid decryption key when I try to go to these links.

  5. tried a few links - they worked for me. what links aren't working?

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