Shumatsukon | 週末婚 [1999]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Shumatsukon | 週末婚 (1999)

Title in English: Weekend Marriage

Genre: drama, romance

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: 1999-Apr-09 to 1999-Jul-02

Cast: Nagasaku Hiromi, Matsushita Yuki, Abe Hiroshi, Sawamura Ikki

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Video: HQ, 640x480, mp4 (re-encoded from 720p mkv version).

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  1. No.7 and No.8 ?

  2. reuploaded. reuploading special too, as I've mixed it with 720p version.

  3. Thx ! GJ!!

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