Shiroi Kyoto [1978-1979]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Shiroi Kyoto 1978

Title: 白い巨塔 1978, Shiroi Kyoto 1978, Great White Tower 1978

Genre: Medical, legal

Episodes: 31

Broadcast period: 1978-Jun-03 to 1979-Jan-06


Video: XviD 720x480 QB90

Audio: mp3 48kHz 128kbps

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Thanks to saigo_x for the links.

01.part1.rar 300.0 MB

01.part2.rar 18.0 MB

02.part1.rar 300.0 MB

02.part2.rar 10.3 MB

03.part1.rar 300.0 MB

03.part2.rar 79.3 MB

04.part1.rar 300.0 MB

04.part2.rar 37.5 MB

05.part1.rar 300.0 MB

05.part2.rar 26.2 MB

06.part1.rar 300.0 MB

06.part2.rar 21.3 MB

07.part1.rar 300.0 MB

07.part2.rar 12.3 MB

08.part1.rar 300.0 MB

08.part2.rar 34.7 MB

09.part1.rar 300.0 MB

09.part2.rar 15.9 MB

10.part1.rar 300.0 MB

10.part2.rar 51.1 MB

11.part1.rar 300.0 MB

11.part2.rar 58.9 MB

12.part1.rar 300.0 MB

12.part2.rar 19.6 MB

13.part1.rar 300.0 MB

13.part2.rar 88.8 MB

14.part1.rar 300.0 MB

14.part2.rar 48.9 MB

15.part1.rar 300.0 MB

15.part2.rar 13.5 MB

16.part1.rar 300.0 MB

16.part2.rar 36.8 MB

17.rar 271.2 MB

18.rar 269.5 MB

19.rar 283.6 MB

20.part1.rar 300.0 MB

20.part2.rar 19.1 MB

21.rar 295.8 MB

22.part1.rar 300.0 MB

22.part2.rar 35.9 MB

23.part1.rar 300.0 MB

23.part2.rar 23.4 MB

24.part1.rar 300.0 MB

24.part2.rar 38.5 MB

25.rar 294.4 MB

26.part1.rar 300.0 MB

26.part2.rar 41.1 MB

27.part1.rar 300.0 MB

27.part2.rar 17.1 MB

28.rar 290.7 MB

29.rar 258.5 MB

30.rar 282.8 MB

31.rar 252.0 MB
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  1. Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  2. Dear saigo_x,

    thanks a lot reup.

    but 07.part2.rar,12.part1.rar dosen't work...

  3. @Anonymous

    Both ep07 part2 and ep12 part1 download for me. What exactly is the problem?

  4. I use mypony and JDownloader2. Both is unenabled. And IE(version11) message ''Temporary error,retrying''.

    I wait still these link is work for me.

  5. @Anonymous

    Well I tried again this morning and ep07 part 2 still downloads fine but now ep12 part 1 doesn't want to download. It either goes really slow and stalls or it gives me the same error you got. Let me know if you've had any luck, if not I'll have to reupload at least ep12 part 1.

  6. Thanks mate,

    I could get all files. I used UNRESTRICT.LI.

  7. @Anonymous

    Glad to hear you could finish your downloads. I was eventually able to download ep12 part 1 myself. Mega is just unstable at times. Only thing to do is try again at a diferent time, preferrably at off peak hours.

  8. Dear saigo_x,

    By the way ,can you trade some Japanese Drama or another medias?

  9. @Anonymous

    What do you mean "other medias"?

  10. music,animation,and more...

    i have Jpanese list.

    please contact me if you are intrest.


  11. Thanks a lot. These are amazing. DOES ANYONE HAVE ENGLISH SUB OF "SHIROI KYOTO (1978)"?

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