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Sekai no Owari ni Saku Hana [2010]

Author: xaxa | Friday, 5 August 2011

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Sekai no Owari ni Saku Hana / 世界の終わりに咲く花

Title: Sekai no Owari ni Saku Hana / 世界の終わりに咲く花

Genre: (mobile phone) drama

Episodes: 12 (joined in one movie)

Broadcast: BeeTV, from 20 September 2010

Cast: Umika Kawashima, Aoi Nakamura


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Comments: 6
  1. thanks for share ^^

    by the way, is there any eng sub for this movie??

    i really need it, please ^^

  2. no, there isn't any.

  3. what,video format?

  4. As long as i remember, it should be avi (xvid codec).

  5. death link, can u reupload please? :(

  6. please can you reuploud this drama.

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