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Seija no Koushin | 聖者の行進 [1998]

Author: xaxa | Saturday, 1 March 2014

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Seija no Koushin | 聖者の行進 (1998)

Title in English: When the Saints Go Marching In

Genre: drama

Episodes: 11

Broadcast period: 1998-Jan-09 to 1998-Mar-27

Cast: Ishida Issei, Sakai Noriko, Hirosue Ryoko, Ikariya Chosuke, Ando Masanobu

Screenwriter: Nojima Shinji

More info

Video: DVDrip, Avi, DivX, 640х480, ~700 Mb per episode.

BUY Seija no Koushin DVD

Download from RuTracker with Russian softsub

Japanese subtitles

Thanks to saigo_x for the links below!

ep01 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep01 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep01 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.9 MB

ep02 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep02 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep02 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.8 MB

ep03 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep03 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep03 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.6 MB

ep04 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep04 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep04 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.9 MB

ep05 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep05 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep05 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.8 MB

ep06 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep06 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep06 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.7 MB

ep07 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep07 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep07 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 122.0 MB

ep08 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep08 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep08 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.7 MB

ep09 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep09 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep09 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.8 MB

ep10 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep10 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep10 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 121.8 MB

ep11 end (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part1.rar 300.0 MB

ep11 end (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB

ep11 end (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part3.rar 122.0 MB
Comments: 6
  1. There are Japanese softsubs available on D-Addicts:

    I also have Korean SMI subtitles I downloaded from Clubbox.

    Although there is a English hardsubbed version, there are no English softsubs.

  2. Thanks for the great upload, saigo_x!

    I`ve just found a small problem. ep08.part1 link appears twice and part2 is missing...

  3. @zenzen

    Ack! Looks like something went wrong when I copied the links. I'll post the missing link for ep08.part1 later today. Let me know if there are any other problems.

  4. Seija no Koushin ep08 (640x480p DivX5 AC3).part2.rar 300.0 MB


  5. fixed, thanks.

  6. I found spanish softh subs!

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