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Sanada Taiheiki | 真田太平記 (1985)

Author: xaxa | Thursday, 11 June 2015

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Sanada Taiheiki | 真田太平記 (1985)

Also known as: Saga Of The Sanada Clan

Genre: jidaigeki

Episodes: 45

Broadcast period: 1985-Apr-03 to 1986-Mar-09

Cast: Watase Tsunehiko, Kusakari Masao, Tanba Tetsuro

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Video: DVDrip, 708x482, mkv,

English subtitles.

01-06 http://adf.ly/1IcEfA

07-12 http://adf.ly/1IcEfJ

13-18 http://adf.ly/1IcEfP

19-24 http://adf.ly/1IcEfT

25-30 http://adf.ly/1IcEfW

31-36 http://adf.ly/1IcEfZ

37-40 http://adf.ly/1IcEfc

41-45 http://adf.ly/1IcN79

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