Renai Kekkon no Rule | 恋愛結婚の法則 (1999)

Author: xaxa | Saturday, 4 June 2016

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Renai Kekkon no Rule | 恋愛結婚の法則 (1999)

Title in English: The Rules of Marrying for Love / Law of Marriage for Love

Genre: romance, comedy

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 1999-Jul-07 to 1999-Sep-22

Cast: Koizumi Kyoko, Yanagiba Toshiro, Kobayashi Satomi, Kashiwabara Takashi, Koyuki, Abe Hiroshi

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Video: MQ, 512x384, mp4.

Note: On the episode 01 at 22:11 the video skips forward a bit

Thanks to jdraclct for the link!
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