Papa wa Nenjuu Kurou Suru | パパは年中苦労する (1988)

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 1 November 2015

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Papa wa Nenjuu Kurou Suru | パパは年中苦労する (1988)

Title in English: Daddy is Always in Trouble

Genre: family drama

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: 1988-Apr-08 to 1988-Jul-01

Cast: Tamura Masakazu, Asano Atsuko, Tokoro George

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Video: LQ, 480x360, mp4.

Thanks to jdraclct for the link!
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  1. Too bad it's LQ. But huge thanks. I've been trying to get hold of this drama for years.

  2. Thank you :)

    Tamura Masakazu played a 'Papa' quite often. Great style of acting btw.

  3. thank you so much. I love 70's-80's-90's Japanese drama

  4. I've found this series for 10 years, thank you so much!

  5. Magnificent! I saw a few episodes of "Papa wa Nenjuu Kurou Suru" when I lived in Japan in the 80s. I thought it was wonderful. For fifteen years, I have been looking for it online. Thank you for sharing it.

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