Muse no Kagami | ミューズの鏡 [2012]

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Muse no Kagami | ミューズの鏡 (2012)

Title in English: Muse's Mirror, Mirror Of Muse

Genre: comedy

Episodes: 23 (~10 min each).

Broadcast period: 15 Jan, 2012 - 24 Jun, 2012

Cast: Sashihara Rino

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  1. Story: In “Muse no Kagami,” Rino Sashihara plays a seemingly ordinary girl from the countryside with no special qualities. However, she encounters a former famous actor named Okita Ryu, who discovers her ability to instantly memorize lines after hearing them once and her hidden acting prowess. As a result, he decides to set her on the path towards becoming an actress.

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