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Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 29 February 2012

OK guys, another change in plans))

I know that majority voted for DDL links, but unfortunately it is not an option anymore(( No more stable, comfortable hosters with fast speeds and unlimited time of storage.

Why private tracker? The only hope to preserve files long enough is to control seedrs and leechers by ratio, because on open trackers like d-addicts torrents die very fast.

First, I wanted to move to asiatorrents, but inconvenient and strange registration system "scared" me away. So we're moving to other private tracker - FSSeeders. It is pretty comfortable and friendly. Besides there are already tons of rare stuff. Registration is invites only, but don't worry, just mail me and you'll get it.

You can see new "downloads" tutorial here And discuss the matter in the comments to this topic.

PS: If you'd like to become uploader there, please make a request - unfortunately it's not an automated process and must be done manually.

PPS: seed as long as you can and be careful with the ratio, maintain it above 1!
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  1. Hi Xaxa,

    I think there's a little problem with private trackers. For example, I downloaded Oooka Echizen 12 and because of that now I have a ratio of 0.3. I wanted to increase my ratio by sharing it, but nobody is leeching from me. If it continues that way, you can be sure that I'll be banned (in fact, now I have to wait 17 hours before I can download a new torrent). What can I do in order to make people leech from me?

    What is more, if you see the list of torrents in FSS, you'll see that a lot of people is uploading but there's no people downloading apart from a couple of files. How are we going to increase our ratios if nobody leeches in that site?

    What is happening to that site is the same that is happening to global economy. People is afraid of their ratios, so they don't/can't consume. And because of that, seeders do not have anybody to seed.

    Ratios don't increase as much as expected and economy sinks.

    The rules are especially harsh to the people who arrive a bit late. The first ones in sharing something will increase their ratios, but the people who arrive late won't have leechers and they will never raise their ratios, so they'll be banned sooner or later. I think that private trackers work like Madoff's pyramidal swindle.

    I think it's too heavy to ban a person because his ratio is low. Maybe they should make his downloads go slowlier instead of that.

    On the opposite side, in d-addicts, where the rules are not so strict, my ratio is 71,3 (it is the ratio I have in Transmission and I haven't downloaded torrents from any other sites).

  2. MetalKaiser,

    actually it's not a problem, but natural flow of things. Asiantorrents and other private trackers have the same system. You should be careful with your ratio and keep an eye on it.

    Yeah, some will have trouble with it, but none is ideal. Now it's the only option to keep torrents alive, because if there no ratio to keep, majority just won't share.

    And this tracker is very loyal, compared to others. Most of the torrents (those with ducks) are "Gold", meaning that only your upload counts. So you can improve your ratio, downloading and uploading those. Or you can become uploader yourself.

    OK, I'll make Ooka Echizen golden too, but that's only for the first time and because it is big. My other uploads will be normal.

  3. Hmmm, then I'm thinking that I should not upload anymore in this site because I need to upload in the private tracker in order to win credits. And if I do not have space on the local disk to seed because I am seeding big taiga dramas, the material I rescued here will remain in my external disk drive.

  4. Don't get the logic, but oh well, it's completely up to you to decide.

  5. As I read there, the best way to win capacity of downloading is uploading things they don't have, because 1) uploading things they don't have gives extra credits per se and 2) It seems it is the only way that somebody leeches from me, because I can see how the number of seeders of Oooka Echizen 12 is increasing but mysteriously I'm not among them yet. If I upload things here and then you move the things there, it is you who win the extra credits, not me. And the people will leech from you, not from me.

    Also, as I read, the bigger the series are, the more extra gigas I win. So I think it is better to upload taiga dramas in 1080p than most of the series I found here, which are old and, therefore, LQ.

    That is the nature of the private tracker: everyone has to save his own ass. Ratios are important, people who want to download is not.

  6. Em, I'm also new to that tracker, where did you read about those extra credits and bigger bonuses for bigger files? Never heard about it. I think everyone gets the same ratio for all files.

    Kaiser, I don't know why are you so against this system - it's pretty fair and widespread. If you want to download, you should also share something in return. You can make torrents too, if you want, and improve your ratio that way. I can ask Sigurd, who is a mod there, and he'll make you an uploader. Or will add you extra gigs to upload to improve your ratio, because you obviously didn't know about the torrent rules.

    As I said earlier it's not about saving your ass or about ratio for the sake of ratio... Ratios just help you to see how much you uploaded and downloaded. And this is very important, because without this stat you wouldn't know when you can leave the rest of sharing on other seeders and leave the torrent.

    For example - you've made a torrent and someone downloaded the whole thing from you. You get ratio 1 and leave the torrent to that guy who will seed it to others. And when he gets ratio 1 he'll know too, that someone has the whole file, so it is like a chain. On the other hand, on open trackers like d-addicts you don't have this information. It doesn't matter if you have ratio 70 or more, because all those 70 people could have downloaded the file and left the torrent without worrying about "ratio". And when you think that the torrent is safe with so many "seeders" you leave it too and the next thing you know it is dead. I know it because I shared hundreds of torrents at d-addicts and I think none of them is alive by now.

    It's just a system for the fair long term sharing.

  7. I read such things in their wiki (In the menu you have to choose Help -> Wiki). The have rules about fulfilling requests, about reseeding, etc. For example:

    "By new, we mean new to the FSS tracker, not necessarily newly made or published. But if you do fill one of these requests, you will earn a double bonus. For films, we usually give 2GB. For batch torrents, the reward is much larger. For music & books, it is smaller."

    Just go to the wiki and read all their rules, you'll see.

    They want people with a ratio of 1 or more and they threat you with a ban if you don't have it. But a ratio of 1 is difficult to reach because of many reasons:

    (1) People always want to download more than they upload.

    (2) Computers download much faster than they upload.

    (3) Disk space is limited. I cannot seed everything I download because my local disk is collapsed. But I can download things and store them in external disks.

    (4) in FSS there is almost no demand (apart from Oooka Echizen 12, people isn't downloading almost anything), so even if you offer teras of things, nobody downloads from you and your ratio doesn't increase. It's not important what you offer, it is important what you can upload to another person.

    In my case I have Oooka Echizen 12 to offer, but nobody wants it.

    (5) I read that in FSS there is a system that makes you download a file before you can share it. For example, I cannot share the copy of Mori Motonari I downloaded in d-addicts unless I download it again at FSS, although the file is the same.

    And apart from that, if I have to wait 17 hours between 2 downloads, 30kb/s in rapidshare is better. You have a lot of materials to share, so you'll always have a good ratio. But think in the people that doesn't have such materials and have to wait all the time.

    I'm not against that system, but I think that asking for a ratio of 1 is simply too much. If you take into account the factors I listed before, I think that a ratio of 0.3 or 0.5 would be much better (it forces people to share things, but it lets you download a lot withouth worrying too much, and therefore it stimulates the demand in FSS). Of course, asking for a ratio of 0 like makes a lot of people become lazy and they do not feel the need to share. But the same happens with direct download and you were maintaining a site of direct download until yesterday, weren't you?

    Ok, you can ask Sigurd, and we can see how it works. But I think it isn't going to work very well because they simply didn't think it well.

  8. Haven't found there anything wrong about bonuses. Isn't it good and motivating if you get extra points for (re)uploading a requested item?

    I see what you mean about downloads, but... you just need to be a little more careful and don't download more than you can handle)) As simple as that. Yeah, it was good when we could freely share and store files by Megaupload, but those times are gone, so we need to be more cautious.

    Now the FSS tracker isn't very lively, so yeah, it's harder to maintain the ratio, but the more people register, the more file flow there'll be.

    Sigurd added you a ratio and made you an uploader, so now you can make your own torrents and I think it'll be very easy for you to maintain the ratio. As for how to make a torrent, if you don't know, just ask. There is a few nuances when creating a torrent file:

    1) You must add only tracker's announce.

    2) Private tracker should be checked.

    3) Part size should be 1024 Kb, not auto.

  9. MetalKaiser, I'm a frequent user of several private tracker sites myself. Keeping the ratio of 1 is not difficult at all. The best way to boost your ratio is of course to be an uploader, but it is also useful to take advantage of golden items (in FSS's case it's called Golden Duckie). Those golden items only count towards your upload, so all you have to do is download it and seed for others.

    Seeding for others is the key.

  10. OK, xaxa and zen, I'll try my best, thanks.

    I didn't know anything about Golden Duckie, etc., so I will take into account from now on.

    However, I miss the direct dowload days and I hope they are back soon :(

  11. Xaxa, I heard that Rapidshare goes at full speed once again

  12. By the way I made a torrent with Moeyo Ken and shared it in FSS, but it seems that somone deleted it without sending me any explanation. I made another with Ryomaden, but I don't know if they'll delete it too.

  13. I heard that Rapidshare goes at full speed once again

    total lies)) it is still 30kb/s

    but it seems that somone deleted it without sending me any explanation

    they are not deleted, just "dead". you can find them filtering torrents by "only dead". dead means that you did something wrong upoading it and tracker doesn't see you as a seeder. did you download the torrent after uploading it? did you follow those 3 steps that I mentioned earlier?

  14. Thank you, MetalKaiser! But your release Not alive.

    Let me help you.

    Now it is necessary to make new torrent-file, having changed it.

    For example, Ryomaden 2010.torrent, instead of old Ryomaden.torrent.

    (If the release not active, trecker blocks it. Therefore it is necessary to make it with the changed name of torrent-file)

    After that to make new release:


    It is necessary to create a torrent-file correctly. 2 features about which I spoke:

    The size of one part 1024 (instead of automatic); a mark about the tracker is the private tracker.


    You open the torrent-client-> you start torrent-> it is checked in your torrent-client. Your torrent-client remains opened.


    On tracker you create a theme.


    After that You press a phrase "Download torrent".


    As your torrent-client is already opened and has checked up torrent, it gives out the message on that that the file is loaded and suggests to upload the list of servers.

    You confirm.

    Your torrent in the torrent-client becomes active (green colour).


    You press your torrent on right button of the mouse. In the menu you choose an option - to update tracker.


    All. It is necessary to wait. After a while on a site, you will see, that your release alive.


    You wait leechers.

    An old release you can remove, through an option of editing of release.

  15. Хаха,

    Когда то загрузка, была ещё заморочнее. Потом её подправили.

    Но всё равно люди спотыкаются.

  16. Hi Sigurd,

    I am using Transmission and when I'm creating the torrent file I cannot find the option to configure the size of one part. Do you know how can I do it?

  17. MetalKaiser,

    here is the tutorial I found.

    In this picture you can see Piece size - auto detect

    it should be 1024 Kb

    Private torrent should be checked and in the "Trackers" textarea should be only FSS announce:

  18. MetalKaiser,

    Can you use the others torrent-clients?

    µTorrent, rTorrent, BitComet etc.?

  19. Ok,

    I am using linux and I don't know many clients. I tried rTorrent some time ago, but many torrents with Japanese names did not start and gave a lot of problems to the client. I tried Deluge but it didn't convince me very much either. The only one that worked well was Transmission. Maybe I can create the torrent files with Deluge or any other and then download them with Transmission. But that will be after the weekend

  20. MetalKaiser,

    the tutorial I posted in the 17th comment doesn't work?

  21. In that tutorial the guy is using uTorrent, not Transmission, which is the client I'm using. I couldn't find the option of the part size in Transmission. but don't worry, I installed Deluge this morning and I found that option. So next week I'll try to create the torrents with Deluge.

  22. By the way,

    I checked if Rapidshare still has the limit of 30kb/s or not. I tried to download a file with Firefox and it was much faster than 30kb/s. But after that I tried to download the same file with JDownloader and it was 30kb/s. Maybe the limit only works in JDownloader?

  23. I can create the torrent files with Deluge or any other and then download them with Transmission. But that will be after the weekend

    MetalKaiser, it is good idea.

  24. In that tutorial the guy is using uTorrent, not Transmission,

    ah, sorry, I've misreaded it, my bad ^^;

    I tried to download a file with Firefox and it was much faster than 30kb/s.

    yeah, mine Firefox says that the speed is ~200kb/s too, but the actual download speed is slower and should be around 30kb/s. maybe it is some kind of bug of Firefox, because other browsers say it's 30kb/s.

  25. yeah, mine Firefox says that the speed is ~200kb/s too, but the actual download speed is slower and should be around 30kb/s. maybe it is some kind of bug of Firefox, because other browsers say it's 30kb/s.

    I check it ~ 325 kb/s.

  26. Hi guys, excuse me but..what's happened to rapidshare files? They cannot be downloaded anymore? It shows me only the possibility of streaming? Could someone please explain me? Thank you very much in advance!!

  27. What files are you talking about? The ones I checked can be downloaded.

  28. Files like Moeyo Ken for example..could you tell me how to do for download? It opens a window of prompt login..i don't know..and then it opens a streaming..

  29. don't know, works fine for me.

  30. Palmit,

    You have to select the file (left click it but not double-click it) and then press the button with a green arrow pointing down which is in the upper bar.

    That way you will not have to log in

  31. Xaxa, Sigurd

    I tried to follow Sigurd's instructions.

    I created the torrent file with Deluge, private tracker, the fss announce only and 1Mb part size. Then I opened it in Deluge and Deluge checked the files and said "Seeding".

    Then I uploaded it to FSS, you can see it now.

    Then I downloaded it from FSS and opened with Transmission.

    However, in FSS it still says 0 seeders (but Sigurd is leeching).

    Should I remove it from Deluge now?

    By the way, I did the same with Ryomaden before but it said Upload Failed!. I will try again later.

  32. By the way, in Sigurd's step 5 my torrent does not give any message, so I cannot confirm anything.

    5) As your torrent-client is already opened and has checked up torrent, it gives out the message on that that the file is loaded and suggests to upload the list of servers.

    You confirm.

    Your torrent in the torrent-client becomes active (green colour).

  33. Failed again :(

  34. Ah, it seems it is working now. Deluge is seeding.

    I did it by manually editing the tracker in deluge. I copied the announce in transmission, which has some strange characters in the middle

    Sigurd, can you download it now?

  35. Something strange,

    It is seeding but at the same time FSS said it was dead. It does not appear in the searcher.

    But I think now I know how to do. I should reupload it

  36. MetalKaiser,

    I wrote this instruction 4 years ago for the old programs (torrent-clients).

    I am assured that experiment will come to the end with success.

    All these problems happened with each user.

    I download 5,7 %.

  37. MetalKeiser THANK YOU!!!!

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