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Meitantei Kindaichi Kousuke Series [1998-2005]

Author: xaxa | Sunday, 7 August 2011

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Meitantei Kindaichi Kousuke Series / 名探偵・金田一耕助シリーズ

Title: Meitantei Kindaichi Kousuke Series / 名探偵・金田一耕助シリーズ

Genre: detective

Episodes: 32 (each 2 hour long)

Broadcast: from 19-Feb-1983 to 18-July-2005

Cast: Furuya Ikkou

These are 2 hour long Kindaichi Kousuke series which run from 1983 till 2005 on TBS. There were 32 episodes overall, but only last 7 are uploaded here.

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  1. fantastic show thank you very much, i have watched all of them, what is the chance of obtaining more of this series at this site?

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