Mahiru no Tsuki | 真昼の月 (1996)

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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Mahiru no Tsuki | 真昼の月 (1996)

Titles in English: Mid-day Moon

Genre: drama, romance

Episodes: 12

Broadcast period: 1996-Jul-04 to 1996-Sep-19

Cast: Oda Yuji, Tokiwa Takako

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Video: 704x528, avi.

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  1. thank you ^^

  2. Hello, I'm trying since yesterday to download the episode 10 of Mahiru no Tsuki but I can't. it's the only episode of this drama I have a trouble with. Each time on Mega it tells me "Temporary error, trying again". Is it coming from Mega or is there any broken link that can be fixed? Thank you.

  3. works for me. it's a common problem with Mega. try waiting or different browser.

  4. Thank you!

  5. THANKYOU!!!!!

  6. thank you

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