Locker no Hanako-san | ロッカーのハナコさん [2002]

Author: xaxa | Friday, 20 January 2012

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Locker no Hanako-san | ロッカーのハナコさん 2002

Title in English: Hanako-san Lives in a Locker

Genre: comedy

Episodes: 24 (15 mins each, 6 weeks)

Broadcast period: from 2002-Aug-26 to 2002-Oct-04

Cast: Tomosaka Rie, Fukiishi Kazue, Kokubu Sachiko, Hirayama Aya

Video: Deinterlaced DVDrip (if you know what it means)) Better quality rip that is currently floating in Internet. (720x480 Xvid, avi)

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  1. I hope that Hissatsu links can still be found or re-uploaded as I am finally getting a chance to get my collection complete. This is such a great site and one of a kind for this great material!

  2. Hmm, was this really 720x480 Xvid, avi? Or was it 720x480 H264 avi?

  3. not sure. never really payed attention to codecs. if it was me who deinterlaced it, then it was probably Xvid - that was my default codec for rips. if not then it could have been anything.

  4. @xaxa

    Ah ok. I just downloaded a version from a torrent, but they are H264. I was hoping they were the same so I could reupload here.

  5. you still can, they don't have to be the same, it is not a torrent.

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