Kyoushi Binbin Monogatari 1st Season [1988]

Author: xaxa | Tuesday, 27 September 2011

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Kyoushi Binbin Monogatari | 教師びんびん物語 1988

Title: Kyoushi Binbin Monogatari | 教師びんびん物語

Genre: comedy, school

Episodes: 13 (1st season)

Broadcast: from 1988-Apr-4 to 1988-Jun-27

Cast: Tahara Toshihiko, Nomura Hironobu, Igarashi Izumi, Igarashi Junko, Hagiwara Nagare

Video: DVDrip

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  1. Hello again Xaxa! How are you these days?

    Thank you so much for uploading this season one.

    From Wiki Japan, it shows that there's an 8-episodes season (broadcast between Aug to Sept 1987) before this season one, and 2 Specials (Oct 1988, Oct 1989) followed each season. After two seasons completed, three more sequel specials followed up (May 1999, Mar 2000 & Mar 2001).

  2. Hi, Joel.

    I'm fine, thank you.

    The wiki is probably right, but I don't have more than I already uploaded, sorry.

  3. Hi, thank you for upload this season 1..I really appreciated but how can I find the english subtitles because I don't know Japanese...

  4. English subtitles don't exist. Anywhere.

  5. Do you have upload Kyoushi Bin Bin 2 next? Thank you.

  6. Yes, probably, already ripped 7 episodes.

  7. Arigatougozaimas! Please inform soon...Thank you once again :)

  8. Hi xaxa,I already watched this drama.Thank you so much.Will you upload the second season?

  9. Yes, I'm planning to.

  10. Vote to kyoushi Bin Bin 2 !!

  11. Yes,one more koushi bin bin,,tq.

  12. Hi xaxa,how about Kyoushi binbin 2..Isn't still take a time to upload it? Sorry,just asking :)

  13. Ok, ok, I get it. I'll post those episodes that I already have. But you'll have to wait for the rest anyway.

  14. Thank you so much xaxa..Yeah,I"ll be waiting :)

  15. Hi xaxa,you're upload this drama from dvd,right? Just want to know,Is this dvd has "special features" like "the making" and "behind the scenes?"

    Thank you :))

  16. No, as far as I know they don't have extras.

  17. Reuploaded to Mega. (combine this with the links below)

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  18. Can u give 1 example link to download kyoushi bin bin

    Season 1


  19. you can find download tutorial here:

  20. Hello xaxa,

    Thanks a lot for the episodes. I am downloading them, but I get some trouble when I try to open them. It says they don't have an AVI index and the input format is not recognizable.

    Well, I have no idea about it, but would it be possible to have mp4 files, just like the second season?

    Thank you so, so much.

  21. archives are split in two parts. you need to download both and only then extract the file (unrar part1)

  22. Thank you xaxa. I managed to save them as avi files. Do you happen to know where I can get the Japanese subtitles for both seasons?

    Thanks again

  23. no, sorry, I don't know. I doubt they exist since almost none of old Japanese dramas have subtitles.

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