Kindan no Kajitsu | 禁断の果実 [1994]

Author: xaxa | Friday, 25 April 2014

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Kindan no Kajitsu | 禁断の果実 (1994)

Title in English: Forbidden Fruit

Genre: drama

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: 1994-Jul-06 to 1994-Sep-28

Cast: Tanaka Misako, Okamoto Kenichi, Kato Reiko

Video: TVRip(vcd quality), 720x540

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Thanks to annie for the links (note: ep01 missing first 4 minutes)
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  1. Thanks for all awesome uploads lately, annie.

  2. Thank you soooooooo much!!!! (^o^)/

  3. gj

  4. i want to download this drama, but the videos size... T^T

  5. thank you

  6. Uploaded full ep01 to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

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