Keitai Deka Zenigata Rui [2004]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Keitai Deka Zenigata Rui

Title: ケータイ刑事銭形泪, Keitai Deka Zenigata Rui

Genre: Action, crime, comedy

Episodes: 39 Episodes (1st Season - 13)

Broadcast period: 04 Jan, 2004 - 26 Sep, 2004

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Second season is here!

1st Season

1280x720 DivX521 Version (thanks to saigo_x)
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  1. I've begun reuploading this series. Episodes 1 thru 9 are up, will finish the rest next week.

  2. I've reuploaded all episodes. Episode 6 was not posted to D-Addicts and I was unable to locate the matching 1280x720 version. Instead I've uploaded a 704x400(IIRC) DVDRip version.

  3. I've reuploaded Rui season 1 again.


  4. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-24 в 09:26:13

    All zenigatas would be welcome.

  5. @arnaldosfjunior

    That's alot to upload. Any particular one you want me to reupload first?

  6. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-27 в 08:39:02


  7. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-27 в 09:46:33

    and mei. kai and mei.

  8. Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  9. Will you ever finish Zenigata Rai, Rei and Rui?

  10. @sawada91

    I posted everything I was able to find.

  11. Hmm, actually there are divx/avi versions of seasons 2 for Rei and Rai on Clubbox. I might try to download them just to complete the series.

  12. It would be really great! Thank you!

  13. I happened to check the old torrents uploaded by MHfans on D-addicts and found that many of the torents for season 2 episodes for Rai and Rui were active. I was able to complete 1-3, 5, and 13-14 of Rai 2nd. For Rui 2nd I was able to complete 1-12, 14-15, and 21-26. :)

    I'll fill in the missing episodes from Clubbox for Rai 2nd. I'll have to check about Rui 2nd.

  14. Wow, are D-A torrents somewhere else?

  15. @sawada91

    You can find the torrents that were posted on D-addicts on most torrent index sites like Bitsnoop.

    BTW, I am still working on downloading the remaining episodes from Clubbox but it is really slow going. On the bright side while looking around I managed to find some other files like the missing episode 1 of Kai 2nd.

  16. You are great! Thank you!

  17. Ok, well like I said above I was able to get episodes 1-12, 14-15, and 21-26 of Rui 2nd 1280x720 DivX521 version from the torrents. However I cannot find the missing episodes on Clubbox. Would you mind if I filled in the missing episodes using 704x384 XviD110 Chinese hardsubbed DVDRip's?

  18. No problem, we trust you XD

  19. @sawada91

    Ok. Was just waiting for a reply to start uploading.

  20. Zenigata Rui 2nd Season

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  21. Episodes 1-12, 14-15, and 21-26 are 1280x720 DivX521. Episodes 13 and 16-20 are 704x384 XviD110 Chinese hardsubbed DVDRip's.

  22. I also have the episode previews and highlight extras from the DVD in case anyone wants them.

  23. Thank you! And sorry for the disturb!

  24. Here are the episode previews and highlights extras from the DVD's. One of the highlights files is missing.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

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