Keitai Deka Zenigata Rai | ケータイ刑事 銭形雷 [2006]

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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Keitai Deka Zenigata Rai | ケータイ刑事 銭形雷 (2006)

Genre: action, crime, comedy

Episodes: 40 (26 + 14)

Broadcast period: (1st series) January 1 - June 24, 2006 / (2nd series) July 1 - September 23, 2006

Videos are DivX521 1280x720 except for ep5 which is 740x396.

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1st season

And as always thanks to saigo_x for the links below.
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  1. This is just the first part of 26 episodes? Is that correct?

  2. there are 26 episodes. it's a whole first season.

  3. @dhisashi

    Yes, it is only the first season. These are the same files from the torrent listed above. I was never able to download the second season.

  4. @saigo_x

    Thanks. I was just making sure that I had not missed something.

    Now if I could only get English Subtitles for Keitai Deka Zenigata Ai which stars my favorite actress Aoi Miyazaki.

  5. I have uploaded Rai 2nd season in a mix of formats/quality. Episodes 1-3, 5, and 13-14 are DivX521 1280x720. Episodes 4-8 and 11 are 704x396 DivX6. Episodes 9-10 are 704x396 XviD1.0.3. Still working on downloading episode 12.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  6. Here is Rai 2nd Ep12.704x396 DivX6.2.5.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

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