Keitai Deka Movies & Extras [2006, 2007]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 11 April 2011

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Keitai Deka The Movie Keitai Deka The Movie 2

Title: ケータイ刑事 The Movie (1, 2)

Title (romaji): Keitai Deka The Movie

Genre: Action, crime, comedy

Air Date: 4 Feb 2006 (1), 10 Mar 2007 (2)

More info: *ttp://

thanks to saigo_x for the links
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  1. I've reuploaded movies 1 and 2. Let me know if you want the OST or the movie 2 bonus dvd.

  2. Thank you.

    I need OST and Movie 2 Bonus DVD.

  3. I've reuploaded the Bonus DVD. For the OST I uploaded a 192Kbps version (the old one was 128Kbps) that is 78MB.

  4. Thanks. But part2 already "File Blocked for Violation". Try rename all files of you account right now. 2days ago the same situation was with account>100Gb. It was closed.

  5. Excuse for mistakes. I hurried. This is serious. Don't show the real names of files.

  6. I think it was found automatically by "DVD". Don't use it in names of files.

  7. I've sent it to "My files". It's possible. If will be problems with files, I can say only a few days later.

  8. @Andrey

    You were right, it was the word "DVD" in the filenames. I changed it to "Disc" and they all appear to work now. Thanks for letting me know. I'll continue reuploading the other Keitai Deka series next week.

  9. thanks....i finnaly found the dorama i've been looking for... you have keitai deka zenigata mai(2003)...

    i've already search in other site...but the link always broken/eror...please upload it if u have...

    Arigato GOzaimas....

  10. @Mai

    I do have Zenigata Mai. I didn't upload it here because it was so widely available before all the problems with file lockers. I'll try and upload it soon.

  11. @saigo_x

    I had downloaded Mai two month ago. If it locked, may be method to by-pass of lockers exists? (I'm asking only because it may help me with others torrents.)

  12. @Mai

    I've uploaded episodes 1-6 of Zenigata Mai already. I will finish the rest in the next few days. I will also upload the two "making of" files uploaded to D-Addicts.


    Not sure what you mean by "method to by-pass". When the links were taken down I assume the files were deleted as well.

  13. @saigo_x

    wow...thanks a lot...

    i'll waiting for the rest of the episodes...

    Hontoni arigato gozaimas...

  14. Reuploaded again:





    Bonus DVD




  15. @saigo_x

    I would like you to Reupload again

    "Keitai Deka Movie 2 Official Book"?

  16. @ken

    It's not the "Keitai Deka Movie 2 Official Book" itself that I uploaded, but the bonus DVD that came with it.

    If that is what you want, I reuploaded it to Mediafire: ttp://

  17. @saigo_x

    Thanks saigo_x. but sorry.

    I already have it

    I want only "Keitai Deka Movie2 Official Book".

    In any case. Thank you for an early answer. 

  18. I reuploaded movies 1 and 2. I'll reupload the extras later.
  19. I reuploaded the OST and the Bonus DVD. I isolated them from the other downloads in case the MP3 and ISO files get flagged by Mediafire.
  20. @Saigo_x account has been suspended...


    please reupload movie & bonus to hulk.share...thx

  21. looks like Mediafire hates Zenigata series and suspends accounts because of them.

  22. Anybody have the english subtitle??

    because I can't understand Japan..:'(

  23. @xaxa

    Yeah, it looks like maybe one or more of the files have been flagged by their hash because I made the filenames not so obvious as last time. Luckily that account only had Zenigata Mai, Making of Mai, and the two movies. I'm fairly sure now that it is one or both of the movie files because the Mai files had been up for a while before I uploaded the movies.


    The extras are on the second link which is still active. I'll check out Hulkshare later.


    As far as I know neither movie 1 or 2 were subtitled in English. I do recall seeing other asian language subtitles(Korean, Chinese, etc) though. Movie 3 was subbed in English but only because it featured Morning Musume.

  24. @mabok

    I tried out Hulkshare but it will not let me upload RAR files. I tried renaming them to ZIP but it says file not found after it completes upload.

    I still have my old Rapidshare account. I can upload there again now that they removed the download speed limits.

  25. @Saigo_x

    maybe you should try to split the files using hjsplit, it works.

  26. @mabok

    I tried HJSplit and also get the same message: "Only music and zip files are allowed". Maybe they changed their upload policy recently?

  27. @saigo_x

    1. You can change file name in WinRAR. For example:

    X.rar --> X.avi ;

    X.partY.rar --> XY.rar (or , or XY.mp3).

    Person, who had downloaded it, must change file name to the old one.

    2. You can upload to ryushare. It's easy for downloading now.

  28. @Andrey

    I tried changing the extension for the RAR files. But after the upload completes, the link it gives me says file not found. I even created a multi-part ZIP file but it still does not work. A google search shows that most file sharing sites have stopped using Hulkhshare recently, though most don't say why.

  29. @saigo_x

    For example. I had downloaded it 20min ago.

  30. @Andrey

    Those links are for Mediafire not Hulkshare. And besides they are blocked now due to the split archive download limit.

  31. can you please reupload keitai deka the movie 1

  32. The DVD Bonus and OST Mediafire link still works. I've uploaded Movie 1 to 2shared since MF seems to have flagged them. I'm not certain of the download limits for 2shared. There is supposedly an hourly download limit which can be somewhat bypassed by opening all the download links before starting to download. Be careful to not click on the button that installs their app. Let me know of any problems.

    Combine the link above with one of the link codes below to download.

  33. You need to download all 7 RAR files for Movie 1. Feedback is appreciated since this is my first time uploading to 2shared.

  34. how to download it?? can you explain in about you upload it at

  35. @Striferkaze

    Sorry, the links on 2shared have already expired. I'll try and reupload it soon.

  36. ok.thank you.please reupload it.btw do you have yahoo account? if u have it this is my email

  37. Reuploaded movies 1 and 2 to Mega. The bonus DVD is still available using the Mediafire link. (combine this with the hash links below)

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  38. @xaxa

    The 2shared links for movie 1 don't work. Can you please remove them?

  39. sure, done!

  40. Reup movie 1 please.

  41. I just reuploaded both movies to Mega. Use the links in the main post above.

  42. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-08 в 04:29:32

    Thank you.

  43. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-09 в 18:13:39

    of topic but still about detectives, do you have Shinrei Tantei Yakumo drama?

  44. @arnaldosfjunior

    Sorry, I don't have that. I checked and only episode 1 was uploaded on D-addicts and I only see 1-4 on Clubbox.

  45. arnaldosfjunior | 2013-06-14 в 16:37:36

    Don't you have macchingu

    Machiko Sensei Go Go Kateihoumon /まいっちんぐマチコ先生 Go!Go!家庭訪問! which stars Izumi Asuka?

  46. @arnaldosfjunior

    Don't have that either. I see that it was available a while back but the links are long dead. The 2003 movie is still available though.

  47. Finally! I've found the Keitai Deka movies.

    Thanks for the uploads, saigo_x!

    By the way, could you upload Zenigata Rai series since I didn't find it anywhere here?

  48. @mr.maverick

    Hmm, I guess I never did upload Zenigata Rai for some reason. I'm gearing up to upload some more things soon and I'll look at the Keita Deka Zenigata series again.

  49. @saigo_x

    Alrighty, then. I'be waiting for your uploads.

    Oh, and do you have the english sub for Keitai Deka movie 1 & 2?

    Or maybe some link suggestions?

  50. @mr.maverick

    I wroe about that a while ago:

    As far as I know neither movie 1 or 2 were subtitled in English. I do recall seeing other asian language subtitles(Korean, Chinese, etc) though. Movie 3 was subbed in English but only because it featured Morning Musume.

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