Kage no Gundan 5 | 影の軍団V [1985]

Author: xaxa | Friday, 12 December 2014

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Kage no Gundan 5 | 影の軍団V (1985)

Alternative titles: Shadow warriors, Hattori Hanzou

Genre: jidaigeki, ninja

Episodes: 13

Broadcast period: October 7, 1985 – December 30, 1985

Cast: Sonny Chiba

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  1. Sorry for posting this here but over at http://ame-no-uta.blogspot.de/2015/02/would-you-like-this-to-be-my-next-drama.html they are asking for a new project. Maybe you and the visitors of this site want to suggest something.

  2. Sorry is someone can upload all Kage no Gundan S05 episode .IDX Only Thanks before..

  3. added to the post

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