Imouto yo | 妹よ [1994]

Author: xaxa | Monday, 19 December 2011

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Imouto yo | 妹よ 1994

Title in English: Sister of Mine ~Tokyo Cinderella Story~

Genre: romance, drama

Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: from 1994-Oct17 to 1994-Dec-19

Cast: Wakui Emi, Karasawa Toshiaki, Kishitani Goro, Tsuruta Mayu, Toyohara Kosuke, Igarashi Izumi

Video: DVDrip

English subtitles are here.

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3rd Television Drama Awards - Best Actress: Wakui Emi

3rd Television Drama Awards - Best Supporting Actor: Kishitani Goro

3rd Television Drama Awards - Best Supporting Actress: Tsuruta Mayu

Thanks to saigo_x for the links.
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  1. I began to transcribe the existing subtitles some months ago but found no time to keep on doing it. Just completed the first episode. There are several scenes in the dvd-version that aren't present in the old TV-Rips that I was not able to tranlate also.

    Ill work on and off on this if no one else is transcribing the subs.

    PS. I was ripping it as Xvid to make it playable on my old standaloneplayer. Which codec was use here?

    PPS. Thanks for upping :D

  2. Good news, Retro. If you don't have enough time, maybe try asking for help in this topic: It was made for situations like this.

    I've ripped it using Xvid codec also. avi, ~500Mb per episode (~1300 kbps), audio - mp3 (128 kbps).

  3. RetroHelix,

    Saltine@D-Addicts has transcribed all episodes.

  4. Oh, cool, thanks for the info, Zemus!

    I completely forgot to check for subtitles, too used that old series don't have them ^^;

    What's left to do is to sync them with rips.

  5. Thakns for your great work. I didn't expect but it was a great show!!!!

  6. Its nice to see that other people took the work of transcribing the subtitles.

    Saltine writes in his post over ad DA that hes going to sync the subs to the DVD too. Does anyone knows if he is still working on this?

  7. Mochiron desu!

    I'm again active on the subtitles.

    During the winter holidays I plan to post all the subs. ^__^

  8. Saltine, sweet, thanks a lot!))

    By the way, for which video version do you plan to sync?

  9. Of course with the version posted here 8)

  10. Multiupload no longer works. Can someone upload the files to a working file service?

    Thanks a lot.


  11. Multi upload can't works. Please upload the new link..

  12. Reuploaded to Mega.

    edited by xaxa: thanks a lot!

  13. I'm sorry.. I don't know but it seems to be a problem downloading ep 6 - 10.. it keep stopping at 16% - 19%..

    Why is this problem happened to me? Could u please help me? Ur help is much appreciated.

  14. @ayyjay

    Mega is having issues at the moment, however, I tested episode 6 part 1 and it downloaded without any problems. If you are using Chrome, you could try emptying out the FileSystem cache to see if it helps. See here:

  15. thank you very much saigo.. ur solution helps a lot..

    do you where can i download or watch monogatari stewardess and moero attack series?? i've been searching searching for these series but could'nt find it.. really a fan of these series other than imouto yo.. :)

  16. @ayyjay

    Glad it helped.

    Monogatari Stewardess was uploaded to D-Addicts a long time ago(see the link below). However it looks like so very few people downloaded it, that it's probably impossible to find a seeder. Moero Attack I've never seen around for download. I myself looked for it once but could not succesfully download it.

  17. I just want to thank you all for uploading this drama.... I love it so much!!

  18. Hi, thanks for uploading this drama, but please tell me how to download it because when i download on Mega, it say "Enter decryption key". Anybody please tell me what is decryption key? I really love this drama...T.T

  19. you need to join and /#!vREG1bzb!QYujsB4J8AaIMr1XRFx6tUHr1clImejBrG0cygG1GgA for example.

  20. I did join. After that Mega show a notice that "Enter decryption key". I wish i could attach a picture from my screen but i don't know where is the button upload. Can you give me your email address? I'll will send you a screen capture.

  21. 99% that you did't copy the hash properly. the hash IS a decryption key. delete the cookies from browser or use another browser and try again.

  22. Thank you, I had downloaded. Thanks again. ^^

  23. Thank you very much for this. I watch it when i was 10/11, 20 years ago, and after watch it again recently, I still giggling like a teenage girls. This is a must watch.

  24. Anybody still has the soundtrack of this drama? Thanks.

  25. Thank you oh! so much for uploading this wonderful drama!!

    Unfortunately the link of 09.part2.rar seems dead.

    I would be grateful, If you could please fix this link :-)

    --from Emi's fan--

  26. works fine for me

  27. Thank you for your prompt reply :-)

    I tried Firefox, Chrome, IE, deleted all the cookies, used MegaDownloader,

    but none of them worked. It always said, 'temporary error', whereas all the other links works fine. Wonder what happened?? Y^Y

  28. yep, you are right, now I have the same error. too bad I didn't downloaded it, while I could.

  29. wish i could see episode 9 so bad... but this is good enough, getting to watch this heart-warming drama... thank you for your hard work and for sharing :-)

  30. I'll try reuploading later today.

  31. I reuploaded 09part2. I downloaded and tested to make sure it works with the existing part1.


  32. Oh! i can't believe it!! You took the time to upload it again!! I don't know how to thank you. You didn't have to, but you did. You really made my day (and i bet a lot of others too :-) So happy right now i could dance...^^ There's something about dramas in the 90's, i don't know how to explain, it kinda warms your heart...God bless you saigo_x and xaxa :-)

  33. @saigo_x

    thanks a lot! replaced the link.

  34. Hi, hank you for uploading. It seems the ep 4 part 2 link is not working, "temporary error". If you could please fix the link. Thank you so much :)

  35. it's temporarily. downloading for me.

  36. thank you very much!!!

  37. thanks for uploading! My all time fav drama! I'm downloading the videos. But i noticed that there is no subtitle. I'm not good with tech, can anyone please tell me how do I download the subtitle? Thanks so much!

  38. there is a link in the post, that leads to a subtitle thread on d-addicts. you can grab them from there.

  39. Hi xaxa

    Thanks! I didn't expect such a fast response! Really appreciate it! :-)

  40. Thanks you :)!

  41. amazing carrot | 2017-12-02 в 18:41:30

    thanks a lot! replaced the link

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