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Ikoka Modoroka [1988]

Author: xaxa | Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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Ikoka Modoroka | いこかもどろか 1988

Title: Ikoka Modoroka | いこかもどろか

Genre: comedy

Release Date: 27 August 1988

Director: Jiro Ikuno

Cast: Sanma Akashiya, Shinobu Ohtake, Nenji Kobayashi


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Comments: 4
  1. 02.rar ?

  2. 02.rar is missing, while 03.rar is double.

  3. Thanks for informing me, re-uploaded.

  4. Hello,Mr.XAXA!

    Please re-upload Ikoka Modoroka to MediaFire,thanks.

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